Review: BPS Stamping Plate BP-L 003

Painted Fingertips | Autumn leaves stamping

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Hi everyone!

Today I have another Born Pretty Store review for you. I am trying out stamping plate BP L-003. Firstly, let’s take a look at the plate:Painted Fingertips | Stamping Plate BP-L003I had already used the plate before I snapped this picture, so the polish remnants on it is totally me! It arrived shiny and clean and covered with the blue plastic that comes on most stamping plates these days. This is the first time I’m trying one of these newer rectangular BPS plates, in the past I’ve only tried their smaller round plates. It comes on a pink plastic backing. I really liked the size of these images, which for me personally were just large enough to stamp my thumbnail. Not to mention the images themselves are gorgeous! Painted Fingertips | Stamping Plate BP-L003For size comparison, here it is next to one of the old, traditional Bundle Monster plates. As you can see the images are quite a bit bigger. I decided to stamp each image onto a piece of paper to show you. Painted Fingertips | Stamping Plate BP-L003Most of the images transferred really well. This was my first attempt at stamping all of them and I’m not great at stamping so to me, this looks good. The only one I’m unsure about is the top middle one – I struggle with fine lines so I might have difficulty getting that one to work. The second-from-the-left middle one I have actually already used in another nail art, and I got it to stamp fine there. All of the images feel like they’re well-etched, too. Painted Fingertips | Autumn leaves stampingHere’s what I did with it! One of the images from the top row reminded me of leaves. Since we’ve just about passed the end of autumn here, I’ve been seeing lots of beautiful autumn leaves the past couple of months, I decided to go with an autumn colour scheme. I started off with a gradient using Essence L.O.L, Sally Hansen Lava, and Essence Mister Rusty. Painted Fingertips | Autumn leaves stampingOver the gradient, I stamped using plate BP-L 003 and Essence The Green and the Grunge. Michelle from Ordinary Misfit put me onto this green to stamp with, and it works amazingly! Painted Fingertips | Autumn leaves stampingStamping is not my strong point when it comes to nail art, so when I stamp something and it comes out looking this great, you know the plate was doing something right! I didn’t redo a single nail. This plate is etched perfectly. Painted Fingertips | Autumn leaves stampingI’ve already used the plate again to create some stamping decals, so you’ll be seeing those very soon. If you love this plate as much as I do, you can get it here, and don’t forget you can use the code KGG10 for 10% off on any purchase from the Born Pretty Store.