Swatch: Sinful Colors Kissy

Painted Fingertips | Swatch: Sinful Colors Kissy

Hi everyone!

I have another older swatch to share with you today. Can you believe I took these photos way back in August last year? Somehow I never got around to sharing them with you! This is still a gorgeous polish, so I thought I’d share it now. Painted Fingertips | Swatch: Sinful Colors KissyThis is 2 beautiful coats of Sinful Colors Kissy. This is probably one of my favourite polishes from Sinful Colors. It’s a dark blue jelly-ish base, chock-full with golden shimmer. The golden sparkles are so prominent that the polish appears more of a sea-green than blue. Painted Fingertips | Swatch: Sinful Colors KissyIt’s beautiful! I also found the formula easy to work with and it looks good in 2 coats despite the jellyish base. 3 coats might work better for some. Painted Fingertips | Swatch: Sinful Colors KissyIsn’t it a beauty?

  • Annette H

    Kissy is another one ofy favourite sc polishes. Cheap too for such a lovely polish

    • Painted Fingertips

      Yes – I love it when an affordable brand brings out such a great polish!

  • Polished Hippy

    Oh, I love this one! Sometimes Sinful really blows me away!

    • Painted Fingertips

      Yes, they have some real gems!

  • LĂ©anie Foot

    I must congratulate you on the stunning photo’s you took! Do you also use their Base & Top coat or not?

    Maybe i must check these colour out the next time i’m in Clicks.

    • Painted Fingertips

      Thanks! I’ve never tried their base and top coats.

  • Lisa Marie Heath

    Kissy was one of my first SinfulColors! Gorgeous!

    • Painted Fingertips

      It’s a beauty!