Water Marble Wednesday: Grass Green

Hi everyone!

It’s Water Marble Wednesday and I’m back with another marble for you at last. This one didn’t go quite as I’d planned, but it was still a cool idea so I decided to share it with you anyway. grass-water-marbleI’m still pretty happy with the way this looks, it just wasn’t exactly what I’d envisioned. I tried to combine different shades of green to look like a field of grass, and there’s a pretty flower in it! water-marble-grassI started with a base of Tip Top Walking on Sunshine, and then marbled using Tip Top As the Beat Grows On, and Essence Walk on the Wild Side and Beijos de Brazil. I knew I wanted to add a flower sticker to one of my nails, so of course I went with the one that the marble didn’t quite work on – problem solved! grass-water-marble-with-flowerEven though I’d had a bit of a different picture in my head, I still like the way this came out and I do think it brings across the look of a field of grass! What do you think?grass-green-water-marble