Dandelion Nails

Painted Fingertips | Dandelion Stamping

Hi everyone!

A couple of weeks ago I showed you these stamping decals which you may remember I was very proud of. Well, today I have some plain old stamping for you using the same plate again. Painted Fingertips | Dandelion StampingThis was actually the first look I did using plate BP-L 008, and I ended up really loving it! I liked these dandelion designs the moment I saw them and couldn’t wait to try something out with them. Painted Fingertips | Dandelion StampingI decided to combine the stamping with a gorgeous base, so I started off with ILNP Admire Me. This is one of very few indies in my collection and I really treasure them – so much that I’d forgotten how amazing this polish looks on the nail. It really is stunning! Painted Fingertips | Dandelion StampingI used one dandelion image for my thumbnail and the other for my other 4 nails. As you can see, they look great together, and I especially like the image I used on my 4 nails. It’s just so pretty! Painted Fingertips | Dandelion StampingWhat do you think?

If you want this plate, you can get it here and don’t forget to use the code KGG10 for 10% off on your purchase!