Review: Born Pretty Store Detail Brush

Painted Fingertips | Detail brush from Born Pretty Store

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Hi everyone!

I have another Born Pretty Store review for you today, and I am really excited about this one! For months now I have been complaining about the poor quality, worse-for-the-wear brush I had been using for my freehand designs. I was constantly battling with it so I jumped at the opportunity to test out a new brush. Painted Fingertips | Detail brush from Born Pretty StoreAccording to the packaging, this is a kolinsky acrylic nail brush. The first thing I noticed was how fancy I felt even using this brush! I am really impressed with the way it looks. The handle is comfortable to hold and the base is filled with little crystal stones. You can also see the nice fine point of the brush. The brush also comes with a lid which I love! Normal craft brushes often come with a plastic cover but I constantly mislay mine. This lid looks great and will protect the bristles far better! Painted Fingertips | Detail brush from Born Pretty StoreI decided I wanted to test out what this brush could do with some detailed freehand patterns. I took some inspiration from the patterns on the stamping plate I reviewed here to get me started, and then just went with it. Painted Fingertips | Detailed freehand nail artI started with a base of Sinful Colors Lavander and used white acrylic paint for the detailed freehand. I tried to really do something detailed so that I could test out the capabilities of the brush. I did notice that a single bristle was slightly longer than the others, so I decided to trim it down with my nail scissors. I was very careful to cut only that problem bristle so I could maintain the point of the brush. Once that was done, it was perfect. Painted Fingertips | Detailed freehand nail artI really enjoyed painting this. I didn’t have any of the problems I’ve been struggling with with my old brush. Obviously, you do have to paint carefully because nails are tiny little canvases, but I think the brush performed admirably. I especially liked the pattern I did on my thumb nail here. Painted Fingertips | Detailed freehand nail artThis manicure was the very first time I used the brush, but I wanted to test it a little more before reporting back to you. The fruit print nails I recently showed you as well as the art I did with the cuticle tattoos I recently reviewed were also done with this brush. All of the art I’ve done with it so far has gone very smoothly and the brush is still looking good. I did decide to add a drop of oil to the bristles after each use to try to keep them in good condition. How well the brush will last, only time will tell, but so far so good. I guarantee many more nail art looks with this brush so you’ll stay updated! Painted Fingertips | Detailed freehand nail artWhat do you think of this look? What brush do you use for nail art?

If you’d like to try this brush out, you can get it here. Use the code KGG10 for 10% off on your purchase!