Review: Born Pretty Store Nail Foils

Painted Fingertips| Nail Foils

Some items in this post have been provided for honest review.

Hi everyone!

I have another review to share with you today. This time I have tried out some nail foils from Born Pretty Store. This was the first time I have tried nail foils and here’s what I did in my first attempt: Painted Fingertips| Nail FoilsI couldn’t decide what polish to use as a base colour, so in the end I decided to go with my wedding colours of turquoise and silver. I used LA Girl Teal Dimension as a base colour. Painted Fingertips| Nail FoilsThe foil didn’t come with any instructions but I had an idea of how to use it from using similar products for crafts as a child. I didn’t have any foil glue, so I decided to try applying the foil directly using the nail polish. To do this you have to apply the foil when the polish is dry enough not to smudge, but still a little tacky. If you want a look with the foil uniformly covering your whole nail, the glue might work better, but I really liked the effect this gave. Painted Fingertips| Nail FoilsYou can see the original pattern of the foil on a few of my nails. There are several different patterns and colours available. I really loved how shiny this was! This is far more shiny and sparkly than what you would get just using a silver polish. I didn’t add a top coat since I had heard this can take away from the reflective finish of the foil. The disadvantage of this is that the foil didn’t last all that long – it is a very thin layer and after a few hours, I noticed that it seemed to be wearing away. I would recommend this for a fun look for a glamourous night out! Painted Fingertips| Lightning Nail FoilsI decided to try a second look as well to see what else these foils could do. For this look, I started off with a base of Essence Prom-Berry and added a matte top coat. I wanted to capture the contrast between the matte polish and the reflective surface of the foil. Painted Fingertips| Lightning Nail FoilsAt first I had wanted to add the foil as a dotticure, but after testing on my right hand I wasn’t quite getting that right. That was when I realised I still had some nail vinyls from Loki’s Nail Vinyls (previously reviewed here). It was the perfect answer! I applied 2 different patterns to my nails. To make sure it looked like the foils were covering the open area, I used a coat of Sally Hansen Pedal to the Metal to apply the foil. This time, I found it effective to stick the foil a few times in a row (kind of like I was dabbing it on) to help the foil to stick everywhere I wanted it to, up to the edges of my nails. Painted Fingertips| Lightning Nail FoilsI peeled up the vinyls and there you have it!

Overall, I think that the foil is great for a night out or an event and it has some fun nail art possibilities. I’ll definitely be using mine again! It can take a little trial and error to figure out how dry/tacky the polish should be when you stick the foil, but nothing too difficult. What do you think? Have you tried nail foils before?

If you’d like to try them, they’re available here, along with a variety of different colours and patterns. You can also use the code KGG10 for 10% off on any Born Pretty Store purchases.