Review: BPS Cuticle Tattoos

Painted Fingertips | Half-moons and cuticle tattoos

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Hi everyone!

Today I have another Born Pretty Store review to share with you. Today’s product is a little different, and it doesn’t actually go on your nails – it goes on your cuticles! Just for something out of the ordinary, I decided to try out some cuticle tattoos. Let’s take a look: Painted Fingertips | Half-moons and cuticle tattoosIf you ever used one of those rub-on tattoos when you were a kid, these are basically the same thing. The tattoos come on a card backing; just cut out the piece you want, stick it where you want it to go, and then rub the back with a wet cloth for a few seconds and you have a temporary tattoo. The pack comes with 20 tattoos in different sizes (so enough for 2 full manicures, or a lot more if you just use them as an accent). Painted Fingertips | Half-moons and cuticle tattoosI found these very easy to apply and for the most part, they applied well. I did get one which disintegrated a bit so I removed it and applied one of the left over tattoos. I decided to complement the pattern of the cuticle tattoos with some nail art. I started with a base of Sinful Colors Charmed and then added the half-moon pattern using acrylic paint. Painted Fingertips | Half-moons and cuticle tattoosI have actually tried cuticle tattoos once before, although these are more shaped to the cuticle. I found these fun for something different but they aren’t something I would wear on a daily basis. They also started to rub off before long, so I’d suggest these for a fun event or night out in case they don’t last. Because they come on an opaque backing, I also found it a little hard to line up the tattoos exactly where I wanted them to stick – I think I did well enough though. Painted Fingertips | Half-moons and cuticle tattoosWhat do you think? Are cuticle tattoos something you’d wear?

If you’d like to try them out, you can purchase them here and don’t forget the code KGG10 gets you 10% off on any Born Pretty Store purchases!