Cobalt and Peach Water Marble

Hi everyone!

It’s Water Marble Wednesday! You might remember me mentioning a couple of times that I’m taking part in a weekly nail art challenge on Instagram this month. I’m cheating a little on this one by blogging these nails a bit earlier than the Instagram challenge – these are the nails for next Friday but I needed a good water marble for today!

water-marble-cobalt-peachThe colour combination required for these was cobalt and peach. The moment I saw cobalt I knew I had to use Nails Inc Baker Street. I usually think of peach as being a bit of a more pastel shade, but OPI Hot & Spicy marbles really well and it looks great together with Baker Street. blue-orange-marbleThese two polishes marble really well and they work together really well too. They made it easy to create a pretty marble pattern. water-marble-peach-cobaltA good water marble is so much fun! What do you think?cobalt-peach-water-marble