Lemon & Cherry

Hi everyone!

There is a weekly nail art challenge run by some ladies on Instagram that I’ve been meaning to participate in for ages. This month I finally decided to give it a shot. No guarantees that I’ll make it through all of the themes for the month as I have a busy month ahead, but I’ll see what I can do.

The first theme was Lemon & Cherry. This was meant as in the colours lemon and cherry but I decided to take it more literally with actual lemons and cherry blossoms. lemon-and-cherryI started off with a base of Rimmel Cutie Colada. It’s a little more lime than lemon, but it was the best I had! On my thumb, ring finger and pinkie, I stamped the lemon image with plate BM-308. I also finally found a use for a couple of slices of my fimo clay! I bought a lot of this when I first started getting into nails, thinking I’d use it all the time, and in the end I’ve barely used it. cherry-lemon

On my other two nails, I dry brushed some Tip Top Melting Marshmallows over a portion of the nail to create the background for the cherry blossoms. I did the branches with NYX Matte Chocolate and then the blossoms with Tip Top Pot-O-Berries. cherry-and-lemon

Not my best work, but it’s cute and fun! What do you think?cherries-lemons