Mint and Lilac with Vintage Roses

Painted Fingertips | Lilac and mint with vintage roses

Hi everyone!

Today I have another manicure for the weekly nail art challenge I am participating in on Instagram this month. The theme for today is mint and lilac so I’m expecting to see lots of lovely delicate manicures! Painted Fingertips | Lilac and mint with vintage rosesI started off with my gradient in mint and lilac using Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet and Lacey Lilac. I am SO happy with this gradient! See how smooth it is? These colours were so lovely together. I spent a little extra time on the gradient, going over and over it until it looked smooth. It was so worth it and hopefully I’ll be able to do some more smooth gradients. I think the fact that these two polishes look amazing together helped a lot too! Painted Fingertips | Lilac and mint with vintage rosesI’d originally planned on topping the gradient with some delicate white stamping, but once it was done, I thought of roses and decided to do that instead. I used Sally Hansen Purple Pulse and Good To Grape along with Essence white stampy polish for the roses (it was the only white I had! Shocking!) and added the leaves with Essie Pretty Edgy.Painted Fingertips | Lilac and mint with vintage rosesI wasn’t 100% happy with the little roses, but I still liked the overall look. I really think the gradient made it! Painted Fingertips | Lilac and mint with vintage rosesWhat do you think?

  • Cheyenne

    This is beautiful! I’m glad you went with the roses instead of the white stamping, looks great!

    • Painted Fingertips

      Thanks, I’m glad too!

  • Nichole C

    that is lovely.

    • Painted Fingertips

      Thank you!

  • Jessica W

    I’m so jealous of your perfect gradient! It flows perfectly from one color to the next. And don’t even get me started on those lovely roses! 🙂

    • Painted Fingertips

      Haha, thank you so much! I’ve seen so many amazing gradients around lately, I think what worked for me in this one was having 2 polishes that really just worked together 🙂

  • Jenny Gilmore

    That gradient is killer! I love it so hard!

    • Painted Fingertips

      Thanks Jenny!

  • Roselynn787

    Absolutely in love with the color scheme, it’s perfect to bring out the roses.

  • Deborah – Love Varnish

    Love the colors here, so gorgeous! Your roses are amazing.

  • vonimoller

    Very classy in my opinion

  • Shawna Harrold

    Very beautiful!! I think the flowers look great!!

  • Polish Those Nails

    Wow, your gradient turned out amazing!! This whole manicure is so cute!

  • Lustrous Lacquer

    This is so pretty! I love the gradient underneath, it gives it a real earthy, floral feel to go along with the flowers.