My DIY Wedding Decor

Hi everyone!

Earlier this week I showed you the nails I wore on my wedding day. Today I am sharing something completely different with you. No nails in this post, but this is something I spent so much of my time on during the past few months that I just had to do a blog post and share it with you. When we decided to get married, I decided that I wanted to make my own flowers from paper. This way, I can keep my bouquet and not worry about it wilting! Of course, it also turned out to be a huge amount of work! I don’t have my official pictures yet so most of these are just quick snaps with my phone, but they’re enough to give you an idea of it. flower-bunchTo kick it off, this is how one of the bridesmaid’s bouquets looked once it was completed! If you’re interested in seeing how I folded these flowers, I used this pattern. I’m not going to show you each step as it’s shown step by step on the pattern. busy-foldingI did take a few pictures while I was busy folding one batch. Our wedding colours were turquoise and silver, and I used 3 different shades of paper: a darker turquoise, silver, and a lighter cyan which was the closest I could get to the turquoise I had in mind. Luckily the 3 ended up looking amazing together! petalsThe pattern involved folding each petal separately, and then gluing them together to form a full flower. So here is a box full of flower petals…silver-batchI was very proud of the first few flowers I finished! At that time I hadn’t quite realised how many I would still be needing. Aren’t they lovely though? I’m so glad I went with the rhinestones for the centres of the flowers.

flower-batchDon’t the colours look great together? I also made the invitations myself:invitationsI made 2 different sizes of flowers: a smaller size for the bouquets and the table centrepieces, and a larger size for flower bunches I put at the ends of the tables, and for the flower girls. flowers-laid-outThese are the flower bunches I used at the ends of the tables and in a few extra places. The material was also used as table runners. Since the head table wasn’t getting different decorations than the other tables, I just used a different material – the turquoise was for the head table, and the other tables all got silver. CakeSome leftover turquoise also got used for the cake table! The cupcakes I definitely did not make myself, but I thought you might like to see how pretty they were!table-settingThis was the decor plan at a practice run a few weeks before the wedding. The venue had a very clean, white look so it could be adapted to anything and look amazing. There were also about a dozen chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Best of all, a fireplace right where we put the head table – this was a must for me since we had a winter wedding!wreathThis was my plan for the table centrepieces. A nice big candle in the middle surrounded by a wreath of 30 flowers. It was a small wedding so we only had 4 tables so I needed 4 of these wreaths. Add about 16 of the bigger flower bunches (6 flowers each) plus about 50 for each of the 2 bridesmaids bouquets, and about 70 for my own bouquet, and you have a whole lot of flowers! tablesI also made origami cranes with each guest’s name to show the place setting. This was one of the tables on the actual day! entourage1Each of the flower girls had one flower and the bridesmaids had a bouquet. One of the little flower girls only wanted to stand still when she could hold the bouquet, but don’t they look pretty? I purposely went with different dress designs (everyone could choose their own) and just had everyone stick to the colour scheme, and I love how it all worked together. K&KI was really proud of my bouquet and I’m really glad I can keep it! Even though it will have to be stored away for a while, I can’t wait to pull it out of storage and enjoy how lovely it is.

What do you think? Would you ever do this much DIY for your wedding or consider not having real flowers? I am so glad I did and I thought it was a great success!