My Wedding Day Nails!

Painted Fingertips | My wedding day nails!

Hi everyone!

I never shared this on my blog before the time, but I got married last month! My wedding day was just perfect and of course I had to do some nail art for the day. I decided I didn’t want to go with ‘traditional’ bridal nails in a delicate colour and I definitely didn’t want French nails. Instead I wanted something to match our turquoise colour scheme. They also looked fabulous with my wedding dress. When it comes to your own wedding, you have to think about these things like how all aesthetic decisions for the wedding will merge together; you can see some wedding dresses to get you thinking about how your own will look here –

Painted Fingertips | My wedding day nails!

I wanted to do some fun nails for my bridesmaid as well so I showed her a few suggestions and told her she could pick anything she wanted within the colour scheme… and she picked sheep! I had told her she could pick so I decided to just go with it and have fun 🙂Painted Fingertips | Bridesmaid nails at my weddingWe decided to combine sheep on every other nail with some stamping. I didn’t make a note of which base polish I used for this but the cloth we used for the pictures was what her dress was made from. I used a dotting tool and a small brush to create the little sheep and stamped using Moyou plate Sailor 04 for the stamped nails. Painted Fingertips | Bridesmaid nails at my weddingWe both ended up loving these and I had fun doing someone else’s nails for a change!

Now for my own wedding day nails… Amidst all the chaos I didn’t use my lightbox for these pictures so the lighting looks a bit different to what I usually show. I couldn’t decide for ages what I wanted to do on my nails for my wedding day. I had a ton of different ideas and I knew I wanted it to be special. Eventually I realised nothing would be special enough and I should rather stick with something simple that I knew I could pull off on both hands! I only made my final decision when I was doing these the day before the wedding and I was really happy with them. I always love swirly images and they were special enough to impress the guests! They also looked fantastic on my wedding photographs. The white dress and blue nails showed up really well on the photos, so I’m glad I went for such a bright nail. This was important to me as I wanted to ensure I had the perfect shots of my day to look back upon in years to come. I checked the online galleries of many professional photographers such as those from an Olga Topchii Photographer at and decided a professional photographer was the route to take. I’m so glad I did! Painted Fingertips | My wedding day nails!I used ILNP Admire Me as my base polish. I had used this polish a week or so before the wedding to do my dandelion nails, and it just made me gasp. It was so beautiful that I decided to let it do most of the hard work at making my nails look amazing! I stamped using 3 different images from Moyou plates… Suki 07 on my thumbs and similar images from Suki 04 and Sailor 03 on my other fingers. Painted Fingertips | My wedding day nails!These ended up being perfect for my wedding day! What do you think? Would you wear non-traditional nails for your wedding day?