Painted Fingertips is 2!

Painted Fingertips | Top 10 nail art looks of the year

Hi everyone!

It’s official! Exactly two years ago today I published my very first post here on Painted Fingertips. If you’re not interested in a lot of reading, skip ahead and see my top 10 looks of the year! Last year this time, I did a post showing the same nail design I’d done in my first post to show you how I’d improved. Proof that anyone can do nail art! I also started my Water Marble Wednesday series, in which I posted no less than 33 water marbles! I had a great time doing them and I came up with all sorts of things, including little bees, mummies for Halloween, a rainy day and a woodgrain, a gradient, candy canes, a christmas tree, a spiderweb, and of course some good old marbled swirls. Over the past couple of months I’ve struggled to come up with new ideas for the series, so I’ll be retiring it now. That doesn’t mean I won’t post water marbles any more – I’ll even probably still post them on Wednesdays – but I’m not going to try to do a water marble each week when I don’t have a fresh idea for one any more.

This was an exciting year for Painted Fingertips. In October, some Halloween nails I did were featured on, which was very exciting for me. Then, in January of this year, I decided to make the move over to my own domain. I changed my web address to and I also shifted to self-hosted WordPress. I gave the blog a makeover and I could add some features I never had the flexibility for before (like the better commenting system and the little Pinterest button that appears when you move your cursor over a picture!). I know these are things you as a reader likely don’t even notice, but it’s great for me to know they’re there! It did come at a cost – despite importing all of my (few) followers, my stats took a major hit and I still haven’t gotten them up to where they were before. Thanks to all of you that are there, that look at my posts, and maybe that follow my blog or leave a comment. I’m doing the nail art because I enjoy it, but it’s you that make me keep on sharing it! I also added some different nail art tabs on your right (in the sidebar) – get clicking and see the nail art you’re interested in!

It has been an even crazier year for me personally. Last month, I got married. It was wonderful and I had a perfect wedding day, but of course, all the planning did take up a lot of time! A lot of that time got taken from my nail time but I spaced my posts out so you probably didn’t notice. And as if that wasn’t enough, another major life change is happening to me right now. I am moving from South Africa to the USA to start working on my PhD. There have been months of planning and I am flying this coming Monday! Because of this, there’s a good chance that I won’t be able to post as regularly in the coming year. Don’t worry though, I’m not disappearing! Nail art is a way to unwind for me so I will still do it but I don’t know yet how much time I’ll have for it. I might have to post less frequently, but I will still be around. The worst part (blog-wise) is that I won’t be able to take part in September’s 31 Day Challenge this year. I did it both last year and the year before, and it’s a lot of fun. I didn’t want to totally miss out, so I have planned ahead and selected a few of the prompts which I will be participating in, but I obviously won’t be doing all 31 days. I hope you will come and see what I have in store on the days I do take part, and in the year ahead! Here’s to another great year of nail art on Painted Fingertips!

I hope you’ve made it this far, because it’s finally time for the nails! And here they are, in no particular order, my favourite 10 nail art looks of the past year!

1. Autumn leaves. The perfect autumn nails – burnt orange and leaves. The stamping came out beautifully, the gradient was gorgeous, and these were also some of my husband’s favourite nails that I’ve ever done. Painted Fingertips | Top 10 nail art looks of the year2. This combination of a gradient, a water marble, and stamping. It may not have been my most memorable nail art, but seeing it again just reminds me of the loveliness. The colours are so perfect together! Painted Fingertips | Top 10 nail art looks of the year3. Microbead flowers. Now this was my most memorable look. I did this almost a full year ago, in last year’s 31 Day Challenge. I got the idea when I looked down at the beaded flower on my jeans and I figured, why not do a beaded flower on my nails? I was really proud of these because I’d never seen anyone else do something quite like it. It took a while, but it was worth it! Painted Fingertips | Top 10 nail art looks of the year4. Chinese pattern nails. This wasn’t my most popular look, but hey, I like it, and that’s what it’s about! The red and gold really stands out and I was proud of my straight lines. The flower is really pretty, too! Painted Fingertips | Top 10 nail art looks of the year5. Freehand Dragon. This was also from almost a year ago. It’s a reminder that I need to try painting a full picture on my nails again! Painting something like this is difficult, but it’s also fun and challenging. I’ve always liked dragons, so this one had to make the top 10!Painted Fingertips | Top 10 nail art looks of the year6. Vertical water marble. Even though this is one of the easier water marble patterns for me to create, it’s also one of my favourites. I’d done horizontal stripes before, and one day I just suddenly realised I needed to try vertical stripes! I love the outcome, and the colours look great together. I also used this idea for both my woodgrain water marble and my rainy days water marble! Painted Fingertips | Top 10 nail art looks of the year7. Freehand floral over a gradient. I just loved this look. Purple is one of my favourite colours, and the white floral pattern only improves on the gradient. I don’t have anything to say except it’s pretty! Painted Fingertips | Top 10 nail art looks of the year8. Neon water marble. This is my final water marble in the top 10, I promise! This was the day I found out that I could marble with my Tip Top neons (and the best marble I ever got out of them). I also nailed the petal marble pattern which eluded me for so long! It’s bright and happy and just an overall winner.

Painted Fingertips | Top 10 nail art looks of the year9. Detailed freehand art. And I promise this is my last freehand in the top 10! I guess we can tell which 2 techniques I’ve used the most in the past year. I just had to include this because of the amount of detail I managed to squeeze onto my nails. I just love that thumbnail especially! Painted Fingertips | Top 10 nail art looks of the year10. Mermaid glitter placement nails. Last on the list but definitely not least! These took a good 3 hours and they were so sparkly, I couldn’t stop looking at my own nails! Painted Fingertips | Top 10 nail art looks of the yearIt was tough picking these top 10! There were plenty more that almost made it in, but in the end I just had to pick. Do you think I picked the right 10? Which is your favourite, or which would you have picked to be in this post?

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the next year of nail art!