31DC2015 Day 17: Glitter

Painted Fingertips | Glitter gradient for day 17 of the #31DC2014

Hi everyone!

Today’s theme in the 31 Day Challenge is glitter, and I’ve gone all out! I did full-on glitter placement and it’s super sparkly!

Painted Fingertips | Golden glitter placementI’ve been meaning to do glitter placement again ever since the mermaid glitter placement nails I did in January. My original plan with these was to do a gradient of sorts with different shades of iridescent glitter. I started with a base of Tip Top Turbulence topped with Essence Party Princess. I thought Party Princess would make the iridescent glitter even more sparkly… when I started to place the glitter though, I realised the base I’d chosen was too dark and overpowered the colours of the iridescent glitter. I quickly switched plans and decided to use an opaque glitter instead.

Painted Fingertips | Golden glitter placementGlitter placement like this does take quite a while and by the time I’m on the last nail or two, I’m over it, but the result is so gorgeously sparkly. Painted Fingertips | Golden glitter placementThese nails looked so much more blingy and sparkly in real life – taking pictures in my light box really toned them down. I decided to take some pictures with different lighting to try to show you show sparkly they were:

Painted Fingertips | Golden glitter placementThis one I took with my camera flash. It did show the sparkliness but it also messed with the colours! It made the gold glitter appear much more bronze – the colour was more like in the light box photos but with this sparkle! Painted Fingertips | Golden glitter placementThe next morning I managed to get a natural sunlight picture. This was the closest to what they looked like in real life!

In previous years, I did a pretty glitter gradient and… a second glitter gradient! Glitter gradients are really pretty and are always winners but I’m going to have to pick today’s nails! What do you think?

glitterPainted Fingertips | Glitter gradient for day 17 of the #31DC2014

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