31DC2015 Day 6: Violet

Painted Fingertips | 31 Day Challenge Day 6 - Violet

Hi everyone!

Today’s 31 Day Challenge theme is violet. The look I have for today is very quick and easy but also pretty!

Painted Fingertips | Purple glitterI did these nails the day before leaving for the US and they’re what I had on during my first several days there (in fact as I type up this post!) while I haven’t had a chance to paint my nails. I tried something else at first and it was a flop so I didn’t have much time left for something fancy. Instead I decided to go with something simple enough to do on both hands for my ‘going-away’ nails.

Painted Fingertips | Purple glitterI started off with a base of Tip Top Chiffon Squares. Once that was dry, I used the polish brush to add layers of Sally Hansen Bejeweled. I intended it to be a glitter gradient by adding more at the tips, but the gradient effect ended up being pretty subtle.

Painted Fingertips | Purple glitterSo there it is, quick but still pretty! Bejeweled is a great polish and it’s very sparkly! Painted Fingertips | Purple glitterIn previous years, I did a textured crisscross, and some freehand art inspired by a notebook. I really enjoyed the notebook nails and I still think they’re my favourite of the 3, but today’s look is perfect for some quick nail art!

texture2Painted Fingertips | 31 Day Challenge Day 6 - Violet
Here are some more violet nails for your enjoyment:

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