Review: JORD Wood Watch

Painted Fingertips | JORD wood watch

Watch provided for review. All opinions are my own.

Hi everyone!

I have something really different to share with you today. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of nail art, but I’ve done my nails to match a lovely watch and I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the watch as well. Painted Fingertips | JORD wood watch with matching nails

I’ve done two different nail art looks today and there are plenty of pictures so be sure to click through to see the full post!

I’ve been seeing pictures of gorgeous JORD watches everywhere lately so when JORD offered to send me one to review, I couldn’t refuse. Their watches are really made from wood and many of the styles available have wooden faces as well. I went with the Cora style in Zebrawood and Turquoise because that matches my personal style. If you’re a blog follower you might remember seeing some pictures of my wedding decor, which was also turquoise so it’s a special colour to me. This same design is also available in other options, including rose gold, which I almost picked!

I’ve been having a little trouble with my new lighting setup and getting the right bulbs, but I’ve done the best I can, so just focus on the nails and on the watch and enjoy! Painted Fingertips | JORD wood watch box

The watch also comes in a wooden box which looks really cool and is great for storage to keep it protected. The face and back of the watch were covered in protective plastic which I peeled off once I got it and the box includes a cloth to wipe the face if necessary. Painted Fingertips | JORD wood watch

The watch comes around a cushion with a cute wooden ‘J’ for JORD attached to it. I love how you can see the workings of the watch as well, it looks really cool! I didn’t include any pictures of the back of the watch but you can also see the workings and how everything is intricately moving. Painted Fingertips | JORD wood watch with matching nails

I was really happy with how well these nails matched the watch. I started off by doing a gradient of Rimmel Green With Envy and Tip Top Armourplate and then stamped over it using plate BP-L 003 and a blue stamping polish. Painted Fingertips | Silver and turquoise nail art

Excuse the shadows on that picture but I did love these nails! They went so well with this watch. I also have a turquoise dress which would match perfectly and I can’t wait to wear them together in summer! Painted Fingertips | JORD wood watch with matching nails

What is great about this watch is the neutral wood makes it easy to style with anything while the glam of the turquoise face and the crystals will make you look instantly stylish! If the turquoise isn’t for you, maybe one of the other styles will suit you perfectly. When you purchase a watch from them, JORD provides a sizing chart to help you to measure your wrist so that the watch can be sized before you receive it. I measured a little too generously and ended up going to a jeweler to have one more link removed, but just measure well and your watch should fit you when you receive it. The remaining links are also included in case you’d like to resize it later on. Painted Fingertips | JORD wood watch with matching nails

The second nail art I did was more blingy. I knew that I wouldn’t have a chance to do my nails for about a week so I went full-out glitter so it’d last! I started with a base of Sinful Colors Gorgeous and then topped it with a couple of coats of After Party. I stamped using plates BP-L 008 and Moyou Sailor Collection 04. I added the rhinestones to match the crystals on the watch face. Painted Fingertips | JORD wood watch with matching nails

I decided I wanted to do two different looks to show that the watch can go with different styles. I’ve seen a few other bloggers matching these watches with wood print nails and that looks amazing too. They would also look great with a plain colour mani or whatever else you cook up! Painted Fingertips | JORD wood watch with matching nails

One thing to note is that I’ve noticed I need to carefully check if my watch still has the right time when I go to put it on. It’s an automatic watch, which means you shouldn’t have to wind it, but the JORD website notes that you would have to wear it every day, for at least 8 hours a day for it to have enough power from your movements. If you wear it less, you’ll have to remember to wind it. Lovely as it is, I’d more likely wear my watch a few times a week than every day. It’s not a big deal but either remember to wind it, or remember to double check the time. Painted Fingertips | JORD wood watch with matching nails

Overall, I love this watch. It makes me feel stylish and I’ve been wearing it with anything and everything! What do you think? If you like it too, check out the other styles available herePainted Fingertips | JORD wood watch with matching nails
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