40 Great Nail Art Ideas – Geeks!

Painted Fingertips | Dr who nails - are you my mummy?

Hi everyone!

I’m back with another nail art post for the new Crumpets Nail Tarts group challenge. Today’s theme is Geeks and if you’d like to see everyone else’s nail art ideas for today, just click more and scroll to the bottom!Painted Fingertips | Dr who nails - are you my mummy?Today I’ve chosen the thing I’m geekiest about – Doctor Who! If you’ve seen this episode, I’m sure you can recognise it. This was from back when Christopher Eccleston was the Doctor and it’s still one of my favourite episodes. It’s a little creepy, a little weird, and a little heartwarming. The main focus is the question – ‘Are you my mummy?’ – and the importance of the answer. I was inspired by this nail art by Adventures in Acetone. Painted Fingertips | Dr who nails - are you my mummy?

Mummy was a bit of a long word to fit in at that size so it’s a little squashed but it’s there. I used a base of LA Girl Black Illusion for all my nails except the middle one, which has a base of Sinful Colors Slate. I used white acrylic paint for the lettering and question marks, and I used Black Illusion and Tip Top Armourplate to paint the gas mask. Painted Fingertips | Dr who nails - are you my mummy?

What do you think? This is an extra-good geeky theme this close to Halloween!

The good news is that I was finally able to find some daylight bulbs for my lamps, so you’ll be seeing maybe a couple more posts with very suspect lighting and things should get better from there.

Take a look at some more geeky nails below:

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