Freehand Floral Nails

Painted Fingertips | Floral pattern over a gradient

Hi everyone!

For today’s nail art, I just really felt like doing a nice bright gradient and then topping it with something flowery. Once the gradient was done, I couldn’t settle on which way to go with the floral, so I ended up doing something similar to what I did in this post, which was originally inspired by Lacquerstyle. Painted Fingertips | Floral pattern over a gradientI absolutely loved the base gradient of these and I was almost sorry to do anything over it! The gradient consisted of LA Girl Brilliant Blue, Rimmel Baby Bellini, and Color Club Ruby Slippers. I then painted on the abstract floral with acrylic paint. I liked these but I ended up doing the freehand in a bit of a hurry so I think the previous version I did looked a little better!

Only two pictures today because I wanted to show you the difference a change in my lighting has made! I’ve been complaining about not having daylight bulbs, well, I finally got some! The picture above used the daylight bulbs and the one below was with the previous soft white. The top picture was taken after a weekend in the field but the colouration is just so much more realistic! I know there is still room for improvement (even just to get back to where I was before the move), but this is a big step in the right direction in my opinion.Painted Fingertips | Floral pattern over a gradient

A couple of posts might still pop up with the old bulbs but I have the daylight ones now for future posts! Now I must just get the time to do my nails so I can use them.

What do you think of today’s look?