Autumn Leaves

Painted Fingertips | Fall/autumn leaves

Hi everyone!

When I switched hemispheres in August I went pretty much straight from winter back into autumn. No summer for me this year – the good news is autumn here in Minnesota is spectacular. Everyone goes on about the Fall colours, and with good reason. I just had to do something seasonal on my nails amidst all this beauty. Painted Fingertips | Fall/autumn leavesI started off with several coats of Wet n Wild The Gold & The Beautiful to get full coverage. Golden yellow is a very prominent colour here in the fall so it was a perfect base. I used acrylic paints for all of the leaves. Painted Fingertips | Fall/autumn leavesAt first, I just had green and red leaves, and inadvertently ended up with what looked like a Christmas manicure. I quickly added to orange to try to make it more autumnal. Painted Fingertips | Fall/autumn leavesThe height of the fall colour is already over so I suppose it’ll be winter soon! Hopefully that will be just as beautiful, in its own way. While taking a walk the other day, my husband snapped this picture of a particularly lovely looking tree:IMG-20151012-WA0000Isn’t that a gorgeous inspiration?Painted Fingertips | Fall/autumn leavesAnd a bonus picture if you’ve made it this far – my orange cat amongst the orange leaves! Isn’t he the cutest?IMG-20151025-WA0000