Royal Purple Nails – Fit For a Queen!

Painted Fingertips | Royal purple and textured checks

Hi everyone!

You might remember that I briefly showed you three different nail art designs in my recent post about the Frankie watch from JORD, but I didn’t show you many detailed pictures of the nails or tell you how I did them. Well, today I’ve decided to show you the first of those 3 and talk about it a little! On the topic of that recent post – if you haven’t grabbed your gift card for $25 off a JORD watch yet, you can get it herePainted Fingertips | Royal purple and textured checks

Although it wasn’t my original intention, the moment these nails were done, they made me think of royalty with their gorgeous purple background. The base I used was Rimmel Baby Bellini. It’s gorgeous – I loved the whole Cocktail Colour collection from Rimmel. Painted Fingertips | Royal purple and textured checks

I wanted to do a textured checkered pattern on top of that, and instead of using striping tape I decided to just to it freehand. It isn’t as precise as using tape, but it is a lot faster and in this case I actually like the looser look. I used OPI Liquid Sand in Solitaire and Tiffany Case. I also added a dot of Solitaire at the base of each nail. Painted Fingertips | Royal purple and textured checks

I just loved these and that purple base really seems to glow from within! What do you think?