Star Wars: 40 Great Nail Art Ideas for Movies

Painted Fingertips | Star Wars nail art

Hi everyone!

Today I have another challenge nail art from the Crumpet’s Nail Tarts group to share with you. This time the theme is movies. I really had trouble coming up with an idea that spoke to me for this one. I had plenty of ideas – there are a lot of movies that lend themselves to nail art – but none that I felt particularly inspired by. That was until I remembered this Star Wars nail art by Coewless that I’ve wanted to recreate for ages. Painted Fingertips | Star Wars nail art

I rearranged it a little by moving the text to my thumb nail, since the original nail art didn’t show the thumb. I wanted a galaxy-like background, but I can never get sponged galaxy manis looking the way I want, so I tried something different. I started with a base of LA Girl Black Illusion, and then I used a dry-brush technique (that you would usually use to get distressed nails) and brushed on Rimmel Shirley Temple, Cutie Colada, Baby Bellini, Hawaiian Punch, and Apple Berry Smoothie. All 5 Rimmels are from their Cocktail Colours collection and remain some of my favourite polishes. Because of their jelly-like base, rather than going on like distressed brushstrokes, they just added patches of colour. Enough like a galaxy for the rest of the nail art!

I used acrylic paints and freehanded the text, lightsabers, and stars. To get the ‘glow’ around the lightsabers, I watered down the paint, dabbed a little on with my brush, and then immediately smeared it away with my finger. Painted Fingertips | Star Wars nail art

Of course, it looks like nothing when my nails aren’t lined up! I just had to include this shot because it looks so random – and I suppose most people who saw my nails might not have known what it was since I don’t exactly walk around with my nails perfectly aligned all day. Painted Fingertips | Star Wars nail art

I’m glad I finally settled on Star Wars nails! What do you think?

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