#5minutenailart: Striping Tape

Painted Fingertips | #5minutenailart - striping tape

Hi everyone!

About 2 weeks ago, I introduced you to my idea of #5minutenailart. In case you missed it, the first post I did was some delicate minty nail art. The idea behind this is that I challenge myself to come up with some nail art that takes only 5 minutes to complete, both because I don’t always have more time to spend and to show those that have yet to try nail art that it doesn’t have to take forever!

The rules are that I start with a completed, normal single-colour manicure. I then set my timer and give myself just 5 minutes to add some lovely nail art. So if you have time to paint your nails at all – you have time for nail art! Painted Fingertips | #5minutenailart - striping tape

Today I used some striping tape to come up with a funky look. Striping tape can take a while to use if you’re doing something more complex, like sticking, painting over it, and peeling it up again, but just sticking it down doesn’t take too long. I purposely went with placing most of the tape vertically so that it would be easier to cut off to the length I needed – I just cut a piece that was too long, stuck it down, and then trimmed it off at the tips of my nails. Painted Fingertips | #5minutenailart - striping tape

I started with a base of Catrice Mermaid My Day. Unfortunately, you can see that I had a little but of bubbling on my pinkie (and a ding! Oh no!) but that’s another advantage of nail art – the tape catches your eye and detracts from any imperfections! After applying this polish, I also realised that my polish tastes have changed. This is the type of shade I loved when I first started getting into nail polish. Now, I found that I didn’t love the metallic finish as much – I’m more drawn to cremes and especially to shimmers. It’s still pretty though and it paired well with the tape. Painted Fingertips | #5minutenailart - striping tape

So I stuck the tape, top coated, and there you have it – nail art in just 5 minutes.

If you think this is a fun idea, please join in with your ideas for fast nail art! Just use the tag #5minutenailart on social media to share your ideas 🙂