Flower Garden Nail Art

Painted Fingertips | Flower Garden Nail Art

Hi everyone!

Today’s nail art is simple but cute. I decided to do some freehand flowers, but to just keep them simple and I really like the overall effect. It reminds me of a happy flower garden! Painted Fingertips | Flower Garden Nail Art

I started with a base of China Glaze Tart-y For the Party. I used acrylic paints to add the flowers and leaves. There’s really not much to tell here – I stuck with basic, single-colour flowers. Painted Fingertips | Flower Garden Nail Art

Proof that keeping it simple can be really pretty too! The combination of the different colours made these really bright and happy. I more or less did one colour at a time, adding a couple of flowers to each nail, then went on to the next colour. When I’d gone through the colours, I went in and added more where it seemed like one colour was lacking to get a balanced look overall. Painted Fingertips | Flower Garden Nail Art

What do you think?