Cocktail Stamping

Painted Fingertips | Colour blotches and stamping

Hi everyone!

I didn’t know what to call this post because I had so much going on in this nail art look, but since I stamped and I used the Rimmel Cocktail Colours polishes for it, it became cocktail stamping. That actually suits the look because it’s bright, colourful and sparkly… what more could you want?Painted Fingertips | Colour blotches and stamping

This look started out when I put Essence Be My Lucky Star on my nails. It’s a silver textured polish, and I found myself wondering how it would look with a sheer or jelly polish applied over it. My beloved Rimmel Cocktail Collection polishes fit the bill so I started applying them randomly over the texture using a relatively dry brush. I used 4 out of the 5 Cocktail Colours: Apple Berry Smoothie, Hawaiian Punch, Baby Bellini, and Cutie Colada. Painted Fingertips | Colour blotches and stamping

I loved the way it was looking and I decided it was the perfect base for some stamping. I added a top coat to get rid of the texture (although you can stamp over texture, too! But I decided I wanted to go with a smooth and shiny look.) and then stamped with plate MM20. Painted Fingertips | Colour blotches and stamping

A final top coat, and I loved the final look! See how much more powerful our polishes can become when they combine? šŸ˜‰