#5minutenailart: Polka dots

Painted Fingertips | 5 minute nail art: polka dots

Hi everyone!

I had a rough start to the week when I woke up Monday morning with some pretty bad abdominal pain. I ended up going to the hospital and after being examined by several doctors, having blood tests and a CT scan they confirmed it was appendicitis. If you’ve ever been in the hospital for something like this, you’ll know there is a lot of waiting involved! I was well taken care of though and I wound up in surgery late Monday night. Luckily an appendectomy is pretty much the most routine surgery there is, so I wasn’t too worried – just glad I could get better. I’m back home now and just feeling weak and tired and I can’t concentrate for long.

Fortunately, I had a bunch of posts lined up that I just had to write up – so at least I can blog! Today I have another 5 minute nail art post lined up for you. I covered it all in my first #5minutenailart post, but basically I start with a plain base colour and have just 5 minutes to turn it into art. Painted Fingertips | 5 minute nail art: polka dots

First off, I must confess that I went a little over time on this one. I usually allow it if it’s over 5 minutes but less than 6. This one took about 6.5 minutes. I still really wanted to share it with you though and I thought it was still quick enough to count as really ‘quick’ nail art! Also, I could have stopped after 5 minutes and it would still have looked great – I just wanted to get a couple more of the smaller dots in to be completely happy with it. Painted Fingertips | 5 minute nail art: polka dots

I wanted a very light pastel, almost off-white base so I went with Elevation Walk a Little Farther. For the dots, I used two different sized dotting tools and Sinful Colors Innocent and Endless Blue, along with Tip Top Sitting Pretty. Painted Fingertips | 5 minute nail art: polka dots

What do you think? I really love dots for quick nail art and it’s great that you can easily change up the look by using different colours. I hope you decide to try some quick #5minutenailart too! 🙂