2 Stamped Manicures and Review: BPS Stamper

Painted Fingertips | Zoya Ireland stamped with Zoya Song

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Hi everyone!

I hope you’re ready because I have TWO gorgeous stamped manicures to share with you today! I love the second one most so I hope you’ll scroll down and take a look at it 🙂Painted Fingertips | Zoya Ireland stamped with Zoya Song

If you’re following me on Snapchat, you might have seen me excitedly showing off the 6 Zoya polishes I got during their recent Earth Day sale. My fellow blogger Thea over at Madness Nails let me know that Zoya Song stamps really well, so of course, I had to try it at once. This was also the perfect opportunity to test out the large squishy stamper I had to review from Born Pretty Store.Painted Fingertips | Born Pretty Store big marshmallow stamper

This is what the stamper looks like in its holder. One big advantage of this stamper is its size. You can see it here with a full-sized image on it and there is plenty of surrounding space for a larger image. This stamper head is about 3.6 cm in diameter, as opposed to about 2.8 cm in most of my other stampers (and my first ever stamper was considerably smaller than that, too). This is a definite advantage if you have long nails. I also think it could work well for buffet-style plates, and especially doing nail decals with that type of plate.

At first I wasn’t too sure about the holder. It felt like the stamper head might fall out easily. That didn’t happen even once while I was stamping, though, so perhaps my fears were unfounded. The stamper head itself is squishy and very slightly sticky. It is slightly softer than my usual squishy stamper but not overly so. I also didn’t find that it was TOO sticky – just a slight stickiness which helped it to pick up the polish. When I received the stamper, the head appeared quite shiny and I had trouble picking up a full image. It could pick images up partially, but wasn’t doing a great job. I first tried washing it with dish soap and when that didn’t help much, I decided to buff it. I just lightly filed over the entire surface of the stamper head using a nail file. It only took a minute or so, and once that was done, it stamped perfectly. As you can see on the picture above it picked up every line and detail of the image. Painted Fingertips | Zoya Ireland stamped with Zoya Song

For my first nail art, I started with a base of Zoya Ireland and then stamped using Zoya Song and Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP-17.Painted Fingertips | Zoya Ireland stamped with Zoya Song

I was really happy with how well Song stamped and using the stamper was a pleasure. It picked up the image perfectly every time, and stamped perfectly. It was no trouble stamping to the edges of my broader thumbnail thanks to the large size of the stamper.

The stamper did well with relatively finer lines in a detailed image, so I wanted to test it with an image with larger pieces as well. Painted Fingertips | Leaf stamping over ILNP Mutagen

For this look, I started with a base of ILNP Mutagen (H) and stamped using Tip Top Gold Mine and Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP-L 008.Painted Fingertips | Leaf stamping over ILNP Mutagen

I absolutely LOVED this look. Photos just don’t do it justice. Mutagen is magical and the gold really complemented it well. In fact, I’m still wearing this as I’m typing up the post, and I can’t stop looking at my nails. Too bad I wasn’t able to capture the shift in Mutagen on my pictures!

Anyway, back to the stamper – it once again picked up the image perfectly. I usually have trouble with images with larger areas on them, so this was a big win for me. In fact, I think this stamper might even work better for me than my current ‘usual’ stamper. I’ve only used it for these two looks so far, so I will have to see as time goes on – I will definitely try this one out if I’m having difficulty with an image with my usual stamper. Painted Fingertips | Leaf stamping over ILNP Mutagen

Overall, this stamper gets a big YES from me. I know a lot of people prefer not to have to prime a stamper before using it, so if that’s you, this won’t be the stamper for you – for me, that quick minute of priming was definitely worth it to get a good stamp. If you’d like to try it, the stamper is available here for $2.99.

What do you think? Have you tried this stamper before?