Bright Stripes: Born Pretty Store Nail Vinyls Review

Painted Fingertips | Bright zerbra stripe nails

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Hi everyone!

Today I have another Born Pretty Store product to share with you. I decided to try some of their Nail Vinyls. I’ve seen nail vinyls everywhere over the past few months but I haven’t tried many myself yet. Painted Fingertips | Bright zerbra stripe nails

To do this nail art, I started with a base of Sinful Colors Snow Me White. Once it was dry, I carefully stuck one of the vinyls onto each nail, being sure to press the edges down. I then sponged on a gradient using Essence Let’s Get Lost, Tip Top Grape Dance, and Darling Diva International Woman’s Day before peeling the vinyls back up. Unfortunately, I was impatient with my top coat and ended up with a smeared design. Painted Fingertips | Bright zerbra stripe nails

These vinyls had definite pros and cons. On the good side, they stuck to my curved nails well and had a good level of stickiness. They did create good, clean lines when I pulled them up. I really like the patterns that are available. On the bad side, though, I wasn’t happy with the size of the package or of the individual vinyls. The package comes containing 10 vinyls in 2 different patterns, 5 of each pattern. That means that you can’t do a full manicure with the same pattern on both hands. You’d either have to mix the patterns or just do accent nails. I think it would be better to have 10 of each design – that would also give you a few to practice with 😛

The second problem was that the vinyls themselves were too small for my thumbnail. I had to lay the vinyl over one half of my thumb nail, then carefully cut out individual strips from the excess from my pinkie nail and try to lay them in a way that resembled the pattern on the remainder of my thumbnail. Including just a couple of larger decals per pack would help with this, but this would also be a problem for anyone with very long nails. Painted Fingertips | Bright zerbra stripe nails

I did like the nail art I did with these and I’ll be trying more vinyls in the future – it looks like I need the practice! What do you think?

If you’d like to try these (there are several designs available), they are available here.

  • Juanita Smit

    Love the colour combo

    • Painted Fingertips

      Thank you!

  • Tea & Nail Polish

    I have a large thumbnail and find the same with many vinyls, they just don’t fit the full nail

    • Painted Fingertips

      They should really just make a couple of bigger ones per pack!

  • Lisa Marie Heath

    Such a pretty combo! I find a lot of vinyls don’t fit my thumbs either

    • Painted Fingertips

      Maybe we should all just walk around with naked thumbnails 😛

  • Naked Without Polish

    You did such a good job! I’m loving the color combination!

    • Painted Fingertips

      Thank you!

  • Ann Lipari

    Love how this came out, good to know then again I rarely do nail art to my thumb

    • Painted Fingertips

      Thanks – still, it means it’s not the best option for a special occasion when Miss thumb is also getting nail art.

  • Lothwen Akira

    I love how you used these, so pretty! And yes, the 2×5 pattern thing.. Dunno why they would’ve done that…

    • Painted Fingertips

      Yeah, it’s a bit silly. I mean, I’m glad I got 2 patterns, but maybe 10 of each then?

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