Guest Post: Manna’s Manis

Hi everyone! I have another guest post to share with you today and this time we’re welcoming Manna from Manna’s Manis! If you don’t know her blog, you need to check it out for some stunning nail art and swatches.

Hey everyone! Kerry was kind enough to ask me to participate in her guest post feature a while back. I was supposed to take April but I got busy and totally flaked, I’m sorry! I’m going to share a mani I created using 2 purple polishes from The Color Box and vinyls from Twinkled T!

I completely forgot I had done this mani a while back! If I don’t edit pics immediately, I forget about them. Please tell me I’m not the only one?! I was going through the folders on my SD card deleting pics and I was like hey..wait a minute! I’m glad I didn’t delete these!!

I recently started a blogger/maker collab box with the help of Jen from xoxo, Jen, Amanda from Amanda Loves Polish, and Julie from Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer called The Color Box. Each quarter we will pair a blogger with a maker to create their own custom polish in that months chosen color!

The first color was purple, and Julie created a polish for me called Manna’s Majestic Masterpiece, which is the base for this mani. The darker purple is Jen’s creation by Literary Lacquers called Soul Within Me Burning. This was my second time using swirl vinyls from  Twinkled T, and I wish I could say it was easier this time around but it wasn’t! I love the final product though, and I hope you do too!

Thank you to Kerry for allowing me to take over her blog for the day. I’ve been a fan of Kerry and her nail art for the longest time! If you’d like to check me out head over to or follow me on InstagramFacebook, or Pinterest!

Wow. I hope you all love these nails as much as I do! If you come here often, you know I love purple polish, and both of these are extra gorgeous! I’m loving the swirls too – I think this nail art might hypnotise me! Thanks again Manna for this amazing art that I could share here on Painted Fingertips. Now go visit Manna’s blog and show her some love! 🙂