Music Notes Nail Art with Colouring Pencils

Painted Fingertips | Musical nails done with colouring pencils

Hi everyone!

Today I have another nail art for the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge with Crumpet’s Nail Tarts. I really enjoyed this nail art because I used a technique I have never used before… I actually coloured in my nails using colouring pencils! Painted Fingertips | Musical nails done with colouring pencils

I got the idea for these from this post on Piggieluv. Narmai did some amazingly detailed musical nail art and in one of the designs, she coloured it in with pencils. My musical nail art is nothing like hers but I loved the idea of colouring my nails! Painted Fingertips | Musical nails done with colouring pencils

I started with a base of Sinful Colors Snow Me White. I added a matte top coat to create a rough surface for the pencils to be able to write on. I waited until it was completely dry then got colouring! I was impressed with how well it worked but just make sure you get your matte top coat everywhere. I top coated over the pencils and then I painted the music notes with black acrylic paint. Painted Fingertips | Musical nails done with colouring pencils

These were really fun and it’s definitely a technique I’ll be trying again!

What do you think? For some more fun music nail art ideas, check the links below!

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  • Tea & Nail Polish

    I have never seen or thought of using pencils, will have to attempt it once I move and unpack all my nail stuff because matte topcoat didn’t make the stash to keep with me

    • Painted Fingertips

      You should try it, it’s fun colouring in your nails!

  • Nichole C

    wow! With colored pencils?

    • Painted Fingertips

      No jokes! It worked so well 🙂

  • Lothwen Akira

    WOW! This is awesome. I didn’t know this was possible and would work so well!

    • Painted Fingertips

      I really need to try it again – I was super impressed with how well it worked!

  • Lisa Marie Heath

    Love everything about these! The colorful background, the notes! Perfect

    • Painted Fingertips

      Thank you!

  • Naked Without Polish

    What a fun idea!!

    • Painted Fingertips

      It’s always fun to try a new technique!

  • Polished Hippy

    Nice job free-handing the notation! I doubt I could do that well on paper!

    • Painted Fingertips


  • Ann

    Love this!!!!!! This is seriously amazing!

    • Painted Fingertips

      Thank you!

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