Review: Water Decals from Nicole Diary

Painted Fingertips | Full-nail water decals from Nicole Diary

Some items in this post were provided for review. 

Hi everyone!

Today I am sharing a product with you from a new-to-me brand, Nicole Diary. I was recently approached by Nicole Diary and they asked me to review some of their water decals. Once I saw some of the beautiful patterns available, I had to try them. I’ve done 2 different looks in this post, so be sure to scroll down and see both, as well as a coupon code! Painted Fingertips | Emoticon water decals from Nicole Diary

I picked out 5 designs, 4 of which are full-nail water decals and this one with smaller decals. I have struggled in the past with full-nail decals, so I decided to start off with the smaller ones. Besides – these are just so cute! I couldn’t wait to try them. Painted Fingertips | Emoticon water decals from Nicole Diary

I started with a base of LA Colors Black Illusion to look like a black phone screen. I then picked out 5 different emoticon decals I wanted to use. The sheet includes 3 slightly different sized emoticons for different nail sizes – I have an example of the smallest on my pinkie and the largest on my thumbnail. Each size includes several different faces. You just cut out the decal, remove the plastic covering, soak it in water for 20 seconds or so, slide it off the backing and onto your nail. Once it’s positioned where you want it, blot off any extra water with a tissue or piece of paper towel – that should also get rid of any wrinkles. Add a top coat to protect the decals and you’re done – unless of course you’re like me and decide to add that extra something! I couldn’t resist adding the lettering to make it even more like a quick WhatsApp conversation 🙂Painted Fingertips | Emoticon water decals from Nicole Diary

These were really easy to use so I decided to be brave and try one of the full-nail decals as well. Painted Fingertips | Full-nail water decals from Nicole Diary

Voila. They look perfect! Whenever I use a full-nail product like this, I’m concerned about wrinkling at the edges because of my curved nails, but these were able to conform to my nails perfectly. I think it’s because they are really thin once you slide them off the backing. The hardest part for me with a product like this is cutting it to the exact size of my nail, but that actually went really well this time. The sheet comes with enough for a full manicure like this, and if you’re careful you could probably have enough left over for a couple of accent nails in the future (depending on your nail length).

Painted Fingertips | Full-nail water decals from Nicole Diary

One thing that really impressed me with the quality of these was when I accidentally let the thumb decal fold over before applying it and I immediately thought it would be ruined. I put it back in the water to make sure it didn’t dry like that and carefully tried to slide it back open. It worked perfectly and you can’t even see any damage to the decal, or any wrinkling once I applied it. I think it’s also pretty obvious that the pattern is gorgeous! It wasn’t obvious when they were on the sheet if the white parts were actually white or if they were transparent, so I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White as a base just in case. It turns out the white parts are transparent, which is great because it means you can use any base colour you like and change up the character of the decal. Painted Fingertips | Full-nail water decals from Nicole Diary

Overall I was very impressed with these and definitely enjoyed using them. I will be using the other designs I got for sure – they are all lovely! Nicole Diary products are being stocked on Amazon and AliExpress and aside from the water decals, they also have some stamping plates (which I have not tried as yet). At this time the water decals are priced between $0.80 and $1.99 for a sheet. If you decide to make a purchase, you can include the code KY2016 in the order note to get a small free gift included in your order.

Let me know in the comments what you think of these water decals!