Roses and a Review: Stamping Plate BP-73

Painted Fingertips | Stamped Rose Nails

Some items in this post were provided for my honest review.

Hi everyone!

Today I have a review of a Born Pretty Store stamping plate to share with you. Today I’m trying out plate BP-73. I picked this plate because I have really been craving florals lately and the plate is all about roses! I love the images and I couldn’t wait to try them. First I tried the roses with some sexy red:Painted Fingertips | Stamped Rose Nails

I used a base of Darling Diva Sexy Motherfucker and stamped using a black stamping polish and plate BP-73. At first I struggled a bit, which surprised me because the plate is extremely well etched. I eventually realised that my stamping polish had actually become too thick. The plate itself is great! Painted Fingertips | Stamped Rose Nails

I loved this and the gorgeous red was perfect to go with the rose image! Painted Fingertips | Stamped Rose NailsNext I decided to try some stamping decals. Stamping decals still give me difficulty so any mistakes are all me! Painted Fingertips | Rose Stamping Decals

I started with a base of Elevation Walk a Little Farther and filled in the image from plate BP-73 using Essence Roller Coaster and Darling Diva All the Dinosaurs Fear the T Rex. Even though I could see imperfections where I messed up the decals, I still really liked these nails! The image is really lovely. Painted Fingertips | Rose Stamping Decals

I’m still looking forward to playing with the other images on the plate!Painted Fingertips | Rose Stamping Decals

What do you think? Which of these two looks do you like better?