#5minutenailart: Nail Foils

Painted Fingertips | Nail foil #5minutenailart

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Hi everyone!

It’s time for another quick 5 minute nail art look! If you aren’t familiar with this series, you can go check out my first #5minutenailart post for an explanation, but the basic idea is that I’ll start with a plain, single-colour manicure as a base, and then have just 5 minutes to turn it into nail art. Painted Fingertips | Nail foil #5minutenailart

For today’s look, I decided to use some of my nail foils. My base colour was the vibrant Sinful Colors Endless Blue. Once it was dry, I added a coat of top coat, waited until it was tacky and then applied the foils. When using nail polish to apply the foils like this, I tend to dab the foils onto the nail a few times to get more covarage. As you can see, you don’t get a solid foil nail, but get this really cool broken effect with the metallic foils and the polish peeking out from underneath. Painted Fingertips | Nail foil #5minutenailart

I finished off the look with a few rhinestones. This one took me around 5 and a half minutes as sometimes the foil doesn’t transfer that easily, but hey, pretty quick and very blingy! Painted Fingertips | Nail foil #5minutenailart

What do you think?