#5minutenailart: Stars and Neptune

Painted Fingertips | #5minutenailart: glow in the dark stars

Hi everyone!

I’m not sure what happened, but it’s been a whole month since my last 5 minute nail art post! I’ve just had so many other things to share with you recently. If you’re not sure what this is about, check out my first 5 minute nail art post. It’s pretty self explanatory though – I just start with a plain, base colour manicure, then have a maximum of 5 minutes to turn it into nail art. Painted Fingertips | #5minutenailart: glow in the dark stars

Today I took the easy way out with stickers. My base is the beautiful Sinful Colors Neptune. I love this polish and really, it’s doing all the hard work here. For my quick art, I just added a couple of star-shaped stickers. Painted Fingertips | #5minutenailart: glow in the dark stars

I’ve had these stickers, opened, for ages, and I guess I should have used them sooner because I felt like they’d become a little hard and wouldn’t lie as flat on my nails as I would have liked. Still pretty, though, and the best part is that these glow in the dark! I didn’t get a good glow picture so you’ll just have to believe me – it’s fun looking at glowy nails in the dark!Painted Fingertips | #5minutenailart: glow in the dark stars

This one was more like 5 second nail art, never mind 5 minutes. Sometimes, though, that’s enough! What do you think?