Review: Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate BPL-027

Painted Fingertips | Stained glass leadlighting

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Hi everyone!

Today I have another review of a Born Pretty Store stamping plate, BP-L027, to share with you. As usual with my stamping plate reviews, I have two different stamped looks to share with you so make sure to check out both of them!

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Image from

The lower row of images really caught my eye with this plate. The large square images are an unusual size and shape so on one hand, you can’t use the whole image on a single nail, but on the other hand, there are a few creative ways to use different portions of these images. The delicate designs of the upper row are also gorgeous – I’ll show you a look using two of those first. Painted Fingertips | Stained glass leadlighting

If you’re a regular around here, you may have noticed that my stamping plate reviews often include one plain stamped manicure, and one attempt at stamping decals. The stamping decals never go as well as I’d like, and always end up looking thick and lumpy (I’m improving, but they remain far from perfect). So, I was really glad to try something else this time around! As you may know if you follow me on Snapchat, I recently came upon a discounted set of minis including most of the OPI Color Paints collection. I’d seen such gorgeous nail art with these polishes, so I grabbed it and I’m really glad I did – you’ll be seeing more from these soon! Painted Fingertips | Stained glass leadlighting

These polishes are made to be sheer but vibrant, especially when used over the silver base that comes with the set. Of course, this makes them perfect for leadlighting! I started with the silver base, OPI Silver Canvas Undercoat, then stamped with two of the images from plate BP-L027. I then used a dotting tool to ‘colour in’ using OPI Pen & PinkChromatic OrangePurple PerspectiveTurquoise Aesthetic, and Primarily Yellow. This was not only extremely fun to do, but I love the result as well! I definitely think that this was more of a success than any of my decal attempts have been. My only problem now is that I have only those 5 shades – I wish I had the full set, and more, so that I don’t bore you with the same colours over and over! Painted Fingertips | Stained glass leadlighting

As for the stamping plate, I love it. What you see on my nails are the very first stamps I tried with this plate – the images transferred perfectly and they are gorgeous. I’ve really been impressed with BPS plates recently, I think the quality has become extremely high and every plate I’ve tried over the past year or more has been well etched and stamped well. Painted Fingertips | Woven stamping pattern

For the second look, I decided to try one of those intriguing square images. I tried the one on the far right, which looked like a woven pattern. I started off with a base of Sinful Colors Black on Black, and then stamped using Sinful Colors Kameleon and BP-L027. Another roaring success in my book!   Painted Fingertips | Woven stamping pattern

What I loved about this image was the fact that I could have each nail looking different, and yet cohesive, by simply choosing different parts of the same image. When I’ve tried all-over plate images before, I’ve often been frustrated by a specific part of the pattern being too small – this gives the best of both ways by giving you enough space but also enough change in the image to gain the effect of several similar-but-different images. Also – Kameleon stamps beautifully! Painted Fingertips | Woven stamping pattern

Overall, I loved this plate, and can definitely recommend it if you like the images as much as I do! If you’d like to try it, at the time of this post it is listed on the site for just $1.99 and you can get it here.

Let me know what you think of these two looks!