Review: Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP-L 002

Painted Fingertips | Gold Born Pretty Store stamping over purple

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Hi everyone!

Today I have another Born Pretty Store stamping plate review to share with you. As usual, I have done 2 different looks to show you what this plate can do. A schematic of the plate is shown below:

Painted Fingertips | BPS stamping plate bp-l002

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As you can see, this plate consists of two halves with continuous patterns, so you can choose any part of the pattern to stamp with or use different parts for each nail. I have done one look using each half. This is plate BP-L002. Painted Fingertips | Gold Born Pretty Store stamping over purple

Firstly, I used random parts of the left half of the plate to create this look. I really liked how I could use a different part of the image on each nail and yet still have a cohesive look. I started with a base of Darling Diva What in the Ass? and then stamped using Tip Top Gold MinePainted Fingertips | Gold Born Pretty Store stamping over purple

As you can see, the images transferred well. What you see here are the first stamps – I didn’t redo anything and the plate was easy to work with. I also love how the purple and gold look together!

Painted Fingertips | Gold Born Pretty Store stamping over purple

For the second look, I decided to try stamping decals again. I was tempted to have another go at leadlighting, but I thought it might be too soon to show you all the exact same colour combination! Instead, I decided to try a new method for the decals. Rather than covering the decal with a coat of clear polish, peeling it up, cutting it to size and sticking it down, I decided to try stamping it directly onto the nail. I have seen this method mentioned plenty of times before but it always seemed so daunting. Basically, you pick up the stamp with the stamper, then fill in the parts you want to. Paint a final coat onto your nail and wait until it is just tacky so that the stamp has something to cling to. Then, stamp it onto your nail as you usually would. I figured this method might help me to eliminate the overly thick decals I usually end up with. Painted Fingertips | Stamped-on stamping decals

It was a partial success – I didn’t end up with the really thick decals, but I did get wrinkling because I didn’t let the polish underneath dry enough. I was nervous that if it was too dry, the decal wouldn’t transfer. Clearly I still have some learning to do, but I’m excited to try this method again next time! Painted Fingertips | Stamped-on stamping decals

As you can see, I used the right half of the stamping plate for this one. All the dots and petal shapes were calling to me to become decals. I used a base of Sinful Colors Snow Me White and filled in the decals using Zoya Song along with several polishes from the Darling Diva Deadpool collection – FrancisSexy MotherfuckerAll the Dinosaurs Fear the T Rex, and What in the Ass?. My technique might still need a little work, but once again the plate was great. Painted Fingertips | Stamped-on stamping decals

Let me know what you think of these two looks – and what methods have you used for stamping decals that have made them work for you?

If you’d like to purchase this stamping plate, you can do so here and at the moment it is priced at $2.99. Remember you can always use the code KGG10 for 10% off on any Born Pretty Store order.

  • Simona @LightYourNails!

    I spent an hour today thinking what base colour I could use for a golden stamping and there you are! Perfectly matched to that purple holo! I love that look best but I admit I purchased this plate to do some home made decals. Which I haven’t done yet anyway.

    • Painted Fingertips

      Thank you! The plate also screamed decals to me and I’ll be giving it another try somewhere along the line.

  • Nichole C

    I wish I could help…but I’ve made exactly two decals.

    • Painted Fingertips

      Haha, I’m sure those two turned out better than mine though!

  • Queen of Nails 83

    I suck at decals and would have probably gone with leadlighting. You made decals look so easy and what a pretty plate.

    • Painted Fingertips

      I really think I need a few more jelly shades for leadlighting!

  • Tea & Nail Polish

    I find they have to be pretty much dry or you either get wrinkles or bubbles, way more dry than you would think.

    • Painted Fingertips

      Definitely what I learned here! I’ll try it again soon and hopefully I’ll have better luck.

  • Cheyenne

    I have such a hard time trying the stamping decals directly onto the nail method. Like you said mine either wrinkle or don’t transfer at all. Seems to be no happy medium for me haha

    • Painted Fingertips

      Ugh, it seems stamping decals are just my nemesis!

  • Hope Elaysse

    Love the plate and I haven’t tried that decal method, but yours look fabulous. <3

    • Painted Fingertips

      Thank you!

  • Manases Andrea

    I love how neat and pretty the first nail art came out. Great color combo too!

    • Painted Fingertips

      Thank you! I loved that one too.

  • Lothwen Akira

    Love your manis, especially the decals! And I can’t believe I don’t have this plate!
    When applying the decals, I always use a layer of clear polish to ‘glue’ them on. Gives me a tiny bit of wiggle room. But it makes for a very thick layer, so it’s not perfect.

    • Painted Fingertips

      Thanks! You should get it for sure! That’s what I usually do too, but yeah, it becomes so thick. Sigh :-/

  • Polished Hippy

    Personally I prefer making my decals on a mat and peeling them off. That way I can select the best ones.

    • Painted Fingertips

      Yeah, that’s what I’ve done in the past but they always end up so thick 🙁

  • Lisa Marie Heath

    I love that Darling Diva! Such beautiful manis!

  • Ann

    Love the first design!!!!!!