Nicole Diary Water Decals

Painted Fingertips | Nicole Diary Water Decals

Some items in this post were provided for review.

Hi everyone!

A couple of months ago I showed you two different looks with Nicole Diary water decals, and today I have two more. For the first one, I tried out this gorgeously bright and detailed pattern. Painted Fingertips | Nicole Diary Water Decals

These decals were quite translucent, so I recommend using a white base as I did here. I put on a coat of Sinful Colors Snow Me White, then cut the decals to size. They’re very easy to use, just dip in water for a few seconds, slide off the backing and apply to your nail. I’ve mentioned before that I far prefer water decals to stickers as I find the placement more forgiving and they are usually thinner which helps with conforming to curved nails. Painted Fingertips | Nicole Diary Water Decals

I did find that you need to be very careful when applying top coat. It works well if you gently ‘float’ the top coat brush over the nail, but if you over-brush it, you can damage the decal. You can see where that happened on my pinkie, and to a lesser extent on a couple of other nails as well. Painted Fingertips | Nicole Diary Water Decals

This is a gorgeous pattern though, and I am loving all the detail! Painted Fingertips | Nicole Diary Water Decals

For the second one, I decided to combine some decals with polish accents. Before applying these decals, I felt like they weren’t quite my style, but the finished manicure looked so classy that I ended up loving it. Painted Fingertips | Nicole Diary Water Decals

Again, I used a white base under the decals, but this time the background ended up being more opaque so it was less necessary (though I’d still recommend it, just in case). On my pinkie and index fingers, I used Darling Diva The Hot Kitsune. Application went really smoothly on these ones and I didn’t see any damage – not sure if I was just better at applying them, or if this set of decals was tougher. Painted Fingertips | Nicole Diary Water Decals

Overall, these water decals are an affordable and relatively quick way to get some lovely nail art on the days you don’t feel like painting something yourself!

Nicole Diary products are available on Amazon and Aliexpress and aside from the water decals, they also have stamping plates and more nail art supplies. If you’d like to purchase something, include the code KY2016 in the order note for a small extra to be included in your order.