Review: Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP-X04

Painted Fingertips | Stamped strawberries

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Hi everyone!

Today I have a review of a new Born Pretty Store stamping plate to share with you, plate BP-X04. I was excited to notice that Born Pretty Store was bringing out some new plates recently. I’ve liked the plates I’ve tried lately so I was excited to see some new designs. Here is a picture of how the plate I picked looks (image from Born Pretty Store):
BORN PRETTY 6*6cm Square Nail Art Stamp Template Fruit Design Image Plate BP-X04I thought all of the fruity designs were really cute. It was only once I got the plate that I noticed that each design was square. My first thought was that’s silly – my nails are considerably longer than they are wide! These will still be fine for short nails but not for longer nails.Painted Fingertips | Stamped strawberries

I decided to try the strawberry image first, and unfortunately, I really struggled with it. I had to try a couple of different stampers and polishes before I finally got something I could live with using Born Pretty Store stamping polish #9.The stamp was still missing several areas, though. Painted Fingertips | Stamped strawberries

Once I got over my frustration, I realised that the strawberry seeds are really very fine lines and I often have difficulty stamping images with very fine lines. It is the only image with such fine lines on the plate and therefore the other images probably stamp fine. The damage was done though, because this was my favourite image on the plate and I probably would have rather picked a different plate, had I known. Painted Fingertips | Stamped strawberries

The gorgeous red base I used for this one was Darling Diva The Alpha. Painted Fingertips | Stamped orange slices

As per usual, I wanted to share a second look with you all and I went with a rather different colour combination. You can tell I was reviewing this plate not long after receiving the Darling Diva Polish Watch Your Pack collection because I used another one for my base here – The Screamer. I used the orange slice image from plate BP-X04 and stamped it multiple times across my nails. The orange I used to stamp is actually a polish I made myself (yes! I’ve started to get into hobby making and I’m having the time of my life!) and while it wasn’t the perfect stamping polish, it worked well enough. I had no problems transferring the image this time. Painted Fingertips | Stamped orange slices

I didn’t love this manicure and I think it’s clear the colour combination isn’t working with my skin tone, but at least I could see that some images from the plate were working. The one thing that I could see annoying me here is that while the orange slice was ok, being at the edge of the plate, it might be harder to pick out the other images without getting bits of unwanted images onto your stamper. Painted Fingertips | Stamped orange slices

Overall: I really prefer the larger, rectangular plates that Born Pretty has been doing for a while now. This plate has some cute images and I’m sure I’ll use it again, but I just don’t love it and I was really disappointed that I couldn’t get my favourite image to work. I did get 2 more of the new style plates to share with you and I suspect that things might go better with the other two.

If you’d like to purchase this plate, you can do so here. Don’t forget the code KGG10 gives you 10% off your purchase.