31DC2016 Day 19: Freehand Galaxy Nails

Hi everyone!

Today’s theme in the 31 Day Challenge is galaxies. If you’ve followed Painted Fingertips for a long time, you might remember me complaining about this theme in previous years. I’ve always seen others mentioning how easy galaxy nails are to do, how ‘anyone can do this nail art’, and yet whenever I tried it, it just looked a mess. Well, not this year! This year I’ve moved away from the traditional galaxy look and done some detailed, probably far more difficult, cute freehand instead 🙂Painted Fingertips | Freehand galaxy nails for the #31DC2016

This look was inspired by @cottonconey on Instagram. She does some amazing nail art! I started with a base of LA Girl Black Illusion, and did the rest freehand with acrylic paints. Painted Fingertips | Freehand galaxy nails for the #31DC2016

This is one busy galaxy! Planets, flying saucers, rockets, moons, stars and meteors – this galaxy has it all! Painted Fingertips | Freehand galaxy nails for the #31DC2016

This one was a lot of fun to paint and the final look is fun, too! In previous years, I’ve done a multicoloured galaxy, and both a glittery and a pink galaxy.

Image from Chalkboard Nails

Image from Chalkboard Nails

Almost two thirds of the challenge done! Are you enjoying it so far? Take a look at the rest of the galaxy nails at these links:

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