#31DC2016 Day 20: Water Marble with Flowers

Hi everyone!

Can you believe we’re on day 20 of the 31 Day Challenge? We’re two thirds of the way there, I hope I can make it through the last stretch! Today’s theme is water marble. You may remember the Water Marble Wednesday feature I had on the blog for a while – I have done a lot of water marbles since I started Painted Fingertips. It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve done one, though! I’ve been more focused on other techniques over the past few months, but water marbles are still something special.

Painted Fingertips | Water marble for the #31DC2016

I started off with a base of Mod Lacquer Lumendust and then marbled using Seche Intrepid and KBShimmer Shore Thing. I really liked the magenta of Intrepid and the sea green of Shore Thing together. Marbles are fun, I really should do them more often! Painted Fingertips | Water marble with freehand flowers for the #31DC2016

Of course, I had to add a little freehand to the look to keep up with my personal 31 Days of freehand challenge. I decided to go with some very quick flowers and stuck to just 3 nails so that I didn’t cover up too much of the water marble. Painted Fingertips | Water marble with freehand flowers for the #31DC2016

I think it’s clear that this wasn’t my finest moment with the freehand. Honestly, while I was doing these I just didn’t feel like sitting down and spending a lot of time on them. I suppose that’s why it’s a challenge! That said, when combined with the colourful water marble base, I still really like the overall look. It might not be as precise as my pastel floral nails, but the overall effect is fun, summery and pretty.

Painted Fingertips | Water marble with freehand flowers for the #31DC2016

I was really pleased with how well the polishes I used water marbled! Hopefully once this challenge is over I will find a little more time for marbles. In previous years, I’ve done a multicoloured starburst marble, and a very beginner blue water marble.

Image from Chalkboard Nails

Image from Chalkboard Nails

Tomorrow we start the final leg of the challenge! I hope you’re all still enjoying following along (or participating, for those of you who are!). For now, take a look at some more water marble nails at these links:

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