Digital Dozen Birthdays – Drip Marble

Painted Fingertips | Digital Dozen Birthday Drip Marble

Hi, everyone!

Today I have a fun celebratory manicure to share with you. Each month, the Digital Dozen celebrates its members’ birthdays with some nail art. This month, the inspiration for the nail art was selected by our November birthday members Marisa of Polish Those Nails and Serene of Copycat Claws. This month’s inspiration picture reminded me of the effects created by the drip marble technique, so I decided to try one.

Painted Fingertips | Digital Dozen Birthday Drip Marble

This is the first time I’m sharing a drip marble with you, but I’ve seen the technique around a few times lately. If you don’t know how it works, basically you take a flat piece of plastic (e.g. a lid from some cream cheese or something similar), and drip a few drops of each of a few polishes all together on the lid. Then, you pick the lid up and tip and rotate it so that the drops of polish flow and ‘drip’ through one another, creating a random-looking pattern. Keep rotating it in different directions until it isn’t flowing much any more and you have a pattern you’re happy with. Here’s the inspiration we were going for:


Pretty, right?  Unfortunately my nail art didn’t end up looking as much like this as I’d hoped. It seemed as though the darker colours I used blended together too much and dominanted the entire look. Next time I try this, I’ll try to use more of the lighter shades to get the nail art to appear more balanced!Painted Fingertips | Digital Dozen Birthday Drip Marble

The polishes I used for this were Tip Top Blue Meets Green, Zoya America, Darling Diva Eye Candy, Sinful Colors Endless Blue,Sally Hansen Cherry Cherry Bang Bang!, Baroness X Go Through Fire, and Wet ‘n’ Wild The Gold & The Beautiful. Painted Fingertips | Digital Dozen Birthday Drip Marble

I do like the way the flakes and the glitter look peaking out! I’ll have to try this technique again soon 🙂

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