The Digital Dozen – Birthday Galaxies

Painted Fingertips | Galaxies for the Digital Dozen January Birthdays

Hi everyone!

Today the Digital Dozen are celebrating our January birthdays with some gorgeous galaxies! This month it is Shelly’s birthday from Sassy Shelly – go take a look at her nails if you haven’t already, she does some amazing nail art! She picked out a gorgeous image that just screamed galaxy nails.

Any of you that have been following Painted Fingertips for a long time may recall that galaxy nails haven’t always been my best friend. From my very first attempt more than 3 years ago (don’t click that link, they’re awful!) to glow in the dark galaxies to galaxies with star decals to aliens or eyeshadow galaxies, my galaxies just never work. The only times I’ve really liked any galaxy-themed nails I’ve done was when I steered away from the traditional look and did some fun freehand – like my star wars nails or my very busy spaceship nails. So, I was pretty wary of this theme, but I think I’ve done some galaxies that I’m at least okay with, even if it will still never be my favourite technique. Painted Fingertips | Galaxies for the Digital Dozen January BirthdaysFor this look, I started with a base of Vapid Bruised. It’s an amazing base for galaxy nails, even though as it turns out you can’t see very much of it. It feels like I sponged on a bit of everything trying to get the colourful nebula-like look of the inspiration picture. I used Supermoon The Kinda Guy I’d Stalk in School, Now I’m Gonna Eat You, Fool!, And You’ll Be a Goner, Baroness X Go Through Fire, Darling Diva As Much Fun as a Sandpaper Dildo, and Le Polish Le Flame. I topped it all off with Sinful Colors Opal Glitter and added a few loose gold glitters. Painted Fingertips | Galaxies for the Digital Dozen January BirthdaysI think the secret of why I’ve struggled with galaxy nails in the past is that I’ve always overworked them – I tried really hard not to do that here, just sponging a little of each polish on and leaving it at that. This was the inspiration picture – isn’t it gorgeous? The colours are so vibrant and I wish I would have gotten a little more of that to come through in my interpretation. The polishes I used are vibrant, but sponging them on tends so leave you with more of the glitter and shimmer on the nail (yay, sparkly!) and less of the colour. At least mine brings across that sparkly, starry vibe! Painted Fingertips | Galaxies for the Digital Dozen January BirthdaysWhen I ask my husband what he thinks my nails are supposed to be, I almost always get a strange answer – remember when he thought my flamingo nails were a dragon or a duck? Well, when I showed him these, he guessed a nebula, so I guess they were a success! What do you think?

Don’t forget to go wish Shelly a happy birthday!

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