Recent Nail Fails

Painted Fingertips | Recent nail fails - stamping with hearts

Hi everyone!

You may recall my 500th post – I posted 10 nail art fails that never made it to the blog. Well, I’ve now passed 600 posts, and I have some more nail fails taking up space in my photo folder. The idea to post these started just after I got back from my recent vacation – for some reason, the first few days after I got back, I could do nothing but fails! I realised that I had a handful of other nail arts that were just sitting in my folder because I didn’t like them enough to ever get around to posting them. I’d still like to share them with you though, mostly because I’m far from perfect and sometimes my ideas get lost in execution! So, without further ado, here are 8 recent nail fails!

To start off with, I have some rather imperfect heart stamping with the very misguided inclusion of heart studs over Essie For the Twill of It. I think this one was just an all-round flop! Also, I love For the Twill of It in real life, but I’ve never managed to get a picture of it that I quite liked.

This second look is the oldest of the lot, and it’s from a little over a year ago when I first moved to the US. I had some trouble getting my lighting set up; the first bulbs I bought were far too warm and resulted in an awful colour shift. I did post a few of my manicures from that time (as I had nothing else to post), but before I could post this one, I fixed my lighting and I just couldn’t bring myself to post it. I actually really like the manicure, though!

This one is a very recent fail. In the Digital Dozen Decades week, I had wanted to do a half-moon look to represent the fashion of the 30s. As it turns out, I’m terrible at doing the supposedly ‘simple’ half-moon! I didn’t make the half-moon deep enough and now it just looks ridiculous! The gorgeous polish, by the way, is Supermoon Carnivore Animal.

This one was another flop from Decades week. I wanted to do a 70s-inspired pattern, and it just didn’t work out. I think I have the colour scheme about right, but the pattern was a disaster!

Painted Fingertips | Recent nail fails - Kleopatra with blue stamping

I was testing a new stamping polish on this one – it stamped perfectly, and there’s nothing technically wrong with this manicure, but I just don’t like it and I’ve constantly put off posting it. Perhaps it would have worked better with different colours?

Another one that doesn’t look too bad, but I just don’t love – I had wanted a vibrant water marble, but the green I used became really sheer once it went into the water and I ended up with this understated one instead. Now that I see it again, I think I should have just added some stamping on top!

I love the base of this one – it’s Supermoon Polar Light, and I’ll try to post a swatch soon. The stamping just didn’t show up distinctly enough, and when I tried to add splashes of colour to the flowers’ petals, I only made things worse.

Painted Fingertips | Recent nail fails - Tone-on-tone red stamped rosesFinally, another one that I’ve been on the point of posting and have constantly put off. I really liked this one in reality but it just didn’t photograph well enough! I tried to do some tone-on-tone red rose stamping. It looked great in real life, but I feel like you really have to look twice at the photo to see that the stamp is of roses.

So, most of these aren’t terrible, but I always prefer posting something I actually love 🙂 I hope you’ve enjoyed sharing in my nail fails!