Review: Born Pretty Store Umbrella Stamping Plate

Painted Fingertips | Lacy stamping

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Hi everyone!

Today I have another Born Pretty Store stamping plate to share with you. As I explained in my first post about this set, I got these in a set of 5 plates which works out cheaper if you want all 5, but they are also available individually. Today I am reviewing plate number 03. Pretty soon you may be wondering why I’ve titled this post ‘umbrella stamping plate’ when there are no umbrellas in it – but if you go look at the plate you will see that the lacy section is arranged in an umbrella shape to make an aesthetically pleasing plate. It’s a really cute way of making the plate nice to look at while still having sections that are large enough to stamp from. Painted Fingertips | Lacy stamping

I used sections of the lacy umbrella in my first manicure with this plate. I started with a base of Polish ‘M Apple Orchard and stamped using a black stamping polish and plate 03. I actually think that this is the first plate I have ever owned with a nice lacy image! I’ve wanted to do a manicure like this a million times and have never had the right image to use – until now! Painted Fingertips | Lacy stamping

You can see the detail of the lace on the macro:

Painted Fingertips | Lacy stamping macro

A lacy plate has definitely been lacking in my arsenal, so I’m glad to have this one! It would have been perfect to use in the Digital Dozen vampy week a couple of months ago! Painted Fingertips | Lacy stamping

This was my favourite manicure I’ve done with the plate so far, and I think the lace is the best part of the plate, but as usual I have done a second manicure to show you the options with this plate. Painted Fingertips | Raindrop stampingFor this one, I started with a beautiful base colour using Supermoon Pistol Star. Pistol Star is an absolutely incredible blue – I must share a swatch with you soon! I wanted to use the raindrop part of the plate and I wanted it to be relatively subtle, so I stamped using Zoya Trixie. Only after stamping the first couple of nails did I realise that I hadn’t included the pretty flowers in either manicure so I decided to include them as accent nails and stamped them using Color Club Eternal Beauty. Painted Fingertips | Raindrop stamping

The flowers came out maybe a little too subtle – although you can see them nicely on my thumb! – but overall I’d say this one is another win. All of the images stamped well, from the larger sections of the drops to the fine lines of the lace, so this plate was a delight to use. Painted Fingertips | Raindrop stamping

Which of these manicures did you like best?

If you’d like to purchase this plate, it’s available here, and don’t forget to use the code KGG10 for 10% off!