Review – Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate 05

Painted Fingertips | Blue leaf stamping

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Hi everyone!

Today I have a review of another Born Pretty Store stamping plate to share with you. This one is plate 05. It has a full-plate image consisting of some type of flower surrounded by leaves. As usual, I have created two separate nail art looks to show you a couple of the possibilities with this plate. Painted Fingertips | Blue leaf stampingIn the first look, I concentrated on the leafy portions of the plate. I started with a base of Supermoon Lacquer And You’ll Be a Goner, then stamped with Born Pretty Store stamping polish #9 and plate 05. I made sure to selectively use the portions of the plate with the leaves to get the look I wanted. Painted Fingertips | Blue leaf stampingI had also considered stamping the leaves in white or in pink, but I’m glad I went with the blue in the end. I think the colours go well together and even though the leaves look quite abstract, it creates a very pretty effect. As to the quality of the plate itself, I think the stamping pretty much speaks for itself here – you can see that the images have transferred perfectly. This was my first time using the plate and I had no trouble with it. Painted Fingertips | Blue leaf stampingAs I mentioned in my review of the first plate from this set, I got this plate as a part of a set of 5. If you like all 5, it is more economical to get the set, but they are also available individually.Painted Fingertips | Floral leadlighting with Born Pretty Store plate 05For my second look, I decided to try out some leadlighting with the more floral parts of the plate. Unlike my previous leadlighting attempts, where I used a silver base, I decided to try a white base using Sinful Colors Snow Me White. I then stamped, selectively using the floral portions of plate 05.Painted Fingertips | Floral leadlighting with Born Pretty Store plate 05I coloured in the images using OPI Primarily Yellow, Chromatic Orange, Pen & Pink, Purple Perspective, and Turquoise Aesthetic. I really enjoy using the colour paints for leadlighting, but I think I need some more jelly polishes to use for this too! I just don’t have enough colour scheme options. Fortunately these five do work really well together and they are very vibrant. Painted Fingertips | Floral leadlighting with Born Pretty Store plate 05Overall, I like this plate a lot even though I don’t think it has as many options as many of the other plates. What do you think of the two looks?

If you’d like to purchase this plate, it’s available here, and as always, you can use the code KGG10 for 10% off any Born Pretty Store purchases.