Drip Marble in Red, Green and Gold

Painted Fingertips | Drip marble in red, green and gold

Hi everyone!

I have some really fun nail art to share with you today – a drip marble! If you’re thinking that red, green and gold sounds like a pretty Christmassy colour scheme, you’re absolutely right. I actually did these a couple of months ago with the intention of posting them in the week before Christmas as some holiday nail art. As it turned out, I didn’t get a chance to actually schedule the post before I left for my vacation, so this poor nail art has been sitting unposted since then! I decided to share it with you now because you can wear red, green and gold any time you want. These pretty colours don’t have to be exclusive to December! Besides, I liked this nail art and I hope you’ll enjoy it too 🙂Painted Fingertips | Drip marble in red, green and goldI’ve shared a drip marble with you once before, but I liked this one a lot better! I think the polishes I used just worked better for this technique. They flowed together beautifully and because they’re all holographic polishes, I ended up with a gorgeously shimmery holo manicure. If you haven’t seen this technique before, here’s how it works: all you need is a flat piece of hard plastic (e.g. the lid from some cream cheese or many other grocery products), and your polish. Drop drips of your polishes onto the plastic lid. I found it worked well to do several drops of one colour next to one another and then drip the next colour on top of those – almost like you’re creating the bullseye for a water marble. Then, pick up the lid and rotate it so that the polish starts to drip down! Slowly rotate the lid in different directions so that the polish drips flow over and between one another until you have something swirly and lovely. You have some degree of control since you can rotate it at different angles, but there is of course quite a bit of randomness to this technique, as with any marble! I’m looking forward to experimenting with the best ways to drip the polish to get a pretty effect. Painted Fingertips | Drip marble in red, green and goldI used all Darling Diva polishes for this one – The Hot Kitsune, Sexy Motherfucker, Smells like Old Lady Pants, and Yes, it’s a Fake Tree. They’re fantastic together! Painted Fingertips | Drip marble in red, green and goldSo, have you tried this fun technique yet? What do you think of it? I really need to try this again with different colour schemes!