Review and Nail Art – Born Pretty Store Silver Chrome Powder

Painted Fingertips | Born Pretty Store Silver Chrome Powder

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Hi everyone!

Silver chrome nails have been all the rage over the past couple of months. I’m not exactly sure where the craze started, but it wasn’t long before powders were becoming available left right and centre to help you achieve the attention-grabbing mirror-like effect. More and more colour and effect options are also becoming available – I first saw the silver chrome powder which I am going to show you today, but you can also get gold and various other colours – and of course there is the multichrome powder which I recently shared with you.Painted Fingertips | Born Pretty Store Silver Chrome Powder

Generally speaking, these powders are advertised as something that should be worn over a black or dark base for the strongest chrome effect. When I received mine, though, I was a little too excited to try it out and didn’t bother with the black base – I just painted the clear gel top coat straight onto my nails, and applied the powder. What I found was that the coverage in a single coat of the powder just isn’t good enough to do this – there are little gaps between the powder and you could still see my nail line. So, I applied another coat of gel and then the powder again. I think I ended up with 3 layers of the powder. This definitely gave me a solid chrome effect, but as you can see in the picture above, the finish was never 100% smooth. As with the multichrome powder, this got me wondering about how the powder would look against different base colours, so I decided to try it out. I went with white, black, red, blue and yellow bases: Painted Fingertips | Born Pretty Store Silver Chrome PowderOver these bases, I decided to try applying just one coat of the chrome powder to see how the base colour would influence the look of the powder. Just a note here that I used regular polish for the 5 bases, and then the gel top coat to apply the powder. It worked just fine! The particular powder I got actually comes with a small bottle of no-wipe gel top coat which works really well with the powder. Painted Fingertips | Born Pretty Store Silver Chrome PowderAs you can see, the base shade makes a huge difference! Over both white and black, it gave a pure silver effect, but it appears as a lighter silver over the white and darker over the black. Over the red it gives a kind of ‘rose silver’ look, if that’s a thing. The blue gives it a cooler look that I think would be perfect for some robotic nail art. I guess it’s almost gold over the yellow – but if I wanted a gold chrome look I’d rather get the gold powder. I did notice that you can see the speckled unevenness of a single coat far more over the lighter colours – this would be better with a second layer of powder, but it was also less noticeable over the darker shades.

Now for my favourite part of this post… the nail art! I love how it turned out! Painted Fingertips | Silver chrome powder with nail vinylsI decided to combine the chrome powder with some nail vinyls! These vinyls are also available at Born Pretty Store. I reviewed the other vinyls from this set here, and I did battle a bit to use them with polish. In fact, I’ve struggled with every vinyl I’ve used so far to get the crisp, clean look I’d like. Well, not with the powder! Because the powder doesn’t have to dry or anything like that, you don’t have any problems pulling up the vinyls. The layer of powder is also so thin that you don’t get any weird thickness differences over the nail. It’s perfect! The only problem was that there was a little additional powder on my nails, which got smoothed over them when I added a top coat, so I didn’t end up with a pure black background. Next time, I’d try to brush away any additional powder before removing the vinyls, but the powder does tend to get everywhere so I suspect there’d still some ending up over the base. Although it’s not perfect, I don’t think it’s all that big of a deal because I still really like the striking final look. Painted Fingertips | Silver chrome powder with nail vinylsThis worked so much better than using polish with vinyls for me, and I think it’s the perfect way to get fun nail art out of the powder! I don’t use vinyls all that often, but I think I’ll probably stick with using them with powders from now on!

If you’d like to try out the silver chrome powder, it’s available here, and don’t forget to use the code KGG10 for 10% off any Born Pretty Store purchases!
What do you think of this use of the chrome powder?