Roses and Peacock Feathers: BPS plate 01

Painted Fingertips | Peacock feather stamping

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Hi everyone!

I have a review of another Born Pretty Store stamping plate to bring you today – this time with roses and peacock feathers! As I mentioned in the previous posts I did about these plates, I got them in a set of 5 as they are more economical that way, but I still decided to show you each one individually so you could see more pretty nail art 🙂 Today I’m showing you the fifth and final plate from the set. If you missed the first four, I’ll link them here for you – there was a gemstone plate, lacy umbrella plate, dreamcatcher plate, and a floral plate. Now, on to today’s two looks starting off with some pretty peacock feathers. Painted Fingertips | Peacock feather stampingI started off with a gradient using Color Club Over the Moon and Eternal Beauty. I really am loving the Color Club Halo Hues and every time I use them, I just know I’ll be needing some more. They work so well together! This was a glorious holographic gradient and the colours were perfect for some peacock stamping. Painted Fingertips | Peacock feather stampingThe peacock feathers make up the largest part of the stamping plate, and they’re also my favourite part. Feathers always make for a lovely manicure! The sides of the feathers have some pretty fine lines, and the very first stamp I did had some gaps in the transfer. I was concerned at first but then I realised that I just had to work extra fast. You generally do have to stamp quickly, but I put in a little extra effort and made sure I already had my nail positioned for the stamp, and then I was able to get a perfect transfer. So, the plate is perfectly etched, you just have to be quick so those fine lines don’t dry!Painted Fingertips | Peacock feather stampingThis image is just so pretty and I can see myself using it many times in the future as well – imagine a teal-and-blue base! Or some glitter under the feathers – it’ll look gorgeous however you wear it! The peacock’s wings/body are also included on the plate and I’m sure there are some fun ways to use that too.

For the second look, I used the other main part of the plate – the rose! Painted Fingertips | Rose stampingI wanted to bring some red into this, and don’t have a very good red stamping polish, so I decided to go for a red base – but then I wanted to make it more interesting, so I ended up doing a red, orange and pink water marble. I thought the combination of these common rose colours in a marble would be a cool rose-y base. I used Zoya America and Cam, and Elevation Tribal Pink for the marble. Painted Fingertips | Rose stampingAs you can see, I stamped the roses using a black stamping polish, then as an afterthought added a couple of the leaves in white. Again, the plate performed perfectly, and this is another lovely image. I have a few rose images by now but most are smaller roses in a pattern – this is the only one in this larger, artistic style. Painted Fingertips | Rose stampingI liked the roses, but the peacock feathers are still my favourite part of the plate! Which do you like better?

If you’d like to purchase this plate, the set is available here or you can get it individually here. You can also use the code KGG10 for 10% off your purchase!