Swatch: Cupcake Polish Berry Good Looking

Painted Fingertips | Cupcake Polish Berry Good Looking

Hi everyone!

Today I have a swatch of a stunning and hugely popular polish to share with you: Cupcake Polish Berry Good Looking. This gorgeous polish has been around for a while already and everyone has been raving about it since it first came out, so I’m glad I finally got my hands on it! This is my first Cupcake polish and I’m certain it won’t be my last. Painted Fingertips | Cupcake Polish Berry Good LookingThat header shot looks a little washed out compared to how rich the colour is in real life, but I managed to capture a little fun holo! Here’s how it looks on the nail:Painted Fingertips | Cupcake Polish Berry Good LookingIn this swatch, I’m showing 2 coats of Cupcake Berry Good Looking with top coat. The formula on this polish is outstanding – it’s pretty opaque in a single coat and looks perfect in two. It is the perfect consistency and goes on nice and smoothly. All it needs is a top coat to bring out that high shine! Painted Fingertips | Cupcake Polish Berry Good LookingThis polish is a very rich and saturated shade of fuchsia with a strong linear holographic effect. I absolutely love fuchsia polishes – they’re purple enough for me – so add the holo effect, and of course you have a winner. I have actually used this polish in a nail art look on the blog already, for my nail stamping look in the most recent Digital Dozen week. Painted Fingertips | Cupcake Polish Berry Good Looking macroThe macro isn’t colour-accurate, but you can see some gorgeous holo! I snapped this one in the sun to help bring it out more. They really are quite blinding! Painted Fingertips | Cupcake Polish Berry Good LookingSo, is it worth the hype? I have mixed feelings. To be clear: I DON’T have mixed feelings about this polish. It’s stunning! I love it! That said, it seems as though this is the most popular Cupcake ever and people rave about it as a purple, and a holo, as just about everything. That’s where I have mixed feelings: even though I love this polish, I don’t know that it would rate as the *best* in all of those categories. It’s pigmented, a gorgeous shade, a strong holo, and has a great formula; but I could say the same about quite a few other indie polishes that I already have as well – not to mention those I don’t have. I picked up a second Cupcake at the same time as I got this one, and I like that one just as much (or maybe even more?). I’m not sure what set the ball rolling for Berry Good Looking to be the specific one getting all the love.

Don’t get me wrong – this polish IS worth it and I’m glad I got it. I just think that maybe there are some other polishes that deserve just as much hype as this one got.

Do you own Berry Good Looking? What do you think of it?