A Yellowish Mermaid Wedding

Painted Fingertips | Mermaid glitter placement nails

Hi everyone!

I’m not sure how to feel about today’s mermaid glitter nail art. On one hand, it’s really quite cool; on the other, it’s kind of a massive fail! Let’s take a first look at it and then I’ll explain. Painted Fingertips | Mermaid glitter placement nailsWell, glitter placement is pretty cool! This iridescent glitter also has a bit of a colour shift – you’ll notice pink, turquoise and yellow tones. So, where’s the fail? Well, I decided to do these nails one evening while chilling on the couch. My idea was that I’d do white iridescent glitter placement to create something like a look a mermaid would wear to her wedding. Only the rather warm and not very bright kitchen light was on, but no matter, I don’t need more light than that, do I? I painted on my white base and got my glitter out of the drawer. I meticulously placed it on three nails before getting up for something and moving closer to the light… and noticing the yellow tint to the glitter! I dashed back to the drawer and pulled out all of my glitters… and there I found the white iridescent glitter. It turned out I also had a yellow iridescent glitter, which I hadn’t realised, and in the dim lighting I had thought it was the white one! Oh well, by that point I may as well finish off the look, even if I do just look like a mermaid with rather stained nails now! Painted Fingertips | Mermaid glitter placement nailsThe good news is that I discovered a better method for glitter placement, making it less of a chore for when I get around to redoing this with the right glitter. Rather than using a clear top coat and sticking the glitter onto that, I just painted a coat of foil glue! It stays sticky, so no doing a little bit at a time and dabbing polish on the next section of your nail. You do have to be careful with placement, as it’s not very forgiving when it comes to moving something that’s already stuck, but overall I think it works a lot better.Painted Fingertips | Mermaid glitter placement nails macroOf course, on the macro, you can see that the placement isn’t all that perfect, but I think I did a decent job!

Since these were supposed to be mermaid nails, I decided to try some appropriate stamping, but I didn’t really like it. Painted Fingertips | Mermaid glitter placement nails with stampingIt was supposed to be a gradient of 3 stamping polishes, but the blue was too light so it didn’t really work. I think it’d look better with a brighter blue, I’ll have to get one and try it! Painted Fingertips | Mermaid glitter placement nailsThis might be a bit of a fail because of the wrong glitter being used, but at least it’s a pretty one. I’ll have to redo it with my original idea at some stage!

What do you think of my unintentionally yellow glitter placement?