The Digital Dozen Does Art: Flamingo Falls

Hi everyone!

It’s day 4 of The Digital Dozen does art! Today I’m sharing what is probably my favourite look for the week, although I still need to do something for tomorrow. After I’d done the first couple of designs, I was struggling to think of ideas, so I decided to peruse DeviantArt for some new art inspiration. There, I came upon a beautiful painting called Flamingo Falls by user AnnMarieBone. She has done a lot of stunning art, it’s worth taking a look! Painted fingertips | Flamingo Falls - The Digital Dozen Does ArtFor my recreation, I started with a base of white polish and then painted using acrylic paints. For some reason, this one took me longer than most other freehand I’ve done recently. I suppose it is more detailed than the other two I’ve done this week, so that would be why it took longer. I just love how it came out! I’m especially proud of that flamingo. I have painted a flamingo on my nails once before, and on that occasion my husband thought it was a swan (seriously? it was pink!). This time he knew right away that it was a flamingo, so I’ll take that as a success! Painted fingertips | Flamingo Falls - The Digital Dozen Does ArtMy only doubt about this manicure was that I wasn’t sure I’d composed it as well as I could have. Would the nails have come together to create the picture better had I included a part of the lake on the tree nails? I’m not sure, but I do love it like this anyway. Painted fingertips | Flamingo Falls - The Digital Dozen Does ArtI decided to share a macro of my thumbnail – it doesn’t look quite as detailed when it’s blown up like this! I still really like it, though. Even zoomed in like this, it just looks like an artistic style.

What do you think of this look? If you like it, I hope you’ll go check out the original artwork called Flamingo Falls – it’s beautiful! Some more nails inspired by art are at these links:

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